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Jam a raspberry recipe

This delicious treat is completely differenttitles: confiture in France, jam in England, cue in Central Asia, fig in the Middle East. At us this delicacy call a jam. In European countries, it appeared in the fourteenth century, in the east this delicacy has existed for thousands of years. It is believed that the ancestor of jam, rahat-lukum, brewed even in biblical times. The eastern jam is very sweet, its European variant is somewhat less sweet, however it has a more pronounced fruit taste.

Now no British family thinks of their ownbreakfast without jam. And invented it, according to legend, the personal physician of the Queen of Scotland, preparing her a decoction of oranges and quince, to arouse Maria's appetite. French, Scottish cuisine also quite actively uses jam in a variety of desserts, but perhaps the most popular jam is in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Any family prepared for future supplies of this sweet delicacy to enjoy its taste on long winter evenings. For jam, you can use almost any fruit and berries: apples, apricots, currants, and quinces. In order to easily defeat the winter cold or prevent it, you should stock up on raspberry jam.

Raspberry is a storehouse of useful substances, sothanks to its unique composition, you can quickly bring down the temperature and remove toxins from the body. Jam a raspberry recipe is simple enough. To make it, you need a kilogram of raspberries and one and a half kilograms of sugar. Prepared berries are placed in a bowl for cooking and covered with sugar. Then, for ten hours put in the refrigerator, so that the berries let the juice and soaked with sugar. After that raspberries with sugar put on a weak fire, and in the process of how the sugar dissolves, the fire intensifies, because on a weak fire the berries lose their bright color. Then the resulting jam is cooled, laid in jars and rolled up.

Jam a raspberry recipe can have somevariations. For example, the syrup obtained after the stuffed berries are allowed to juice, drain and bring to a boil. Then they are filled with berries so that they completely immersed in it and put on a weak fire. Bringing the jam to a boil, it is cooled and put into jars. Or the jam a raspberry recipe can also include other fruits. Jam from raspberries and melons has a delicate taste, and therefore gained popularity among the housewives. For its preparation use about a kilo of melon, 300 g of raspberries and 750 g of granulated sugar. On low heat, a sugar syrup is prepared with the addition of water, into which, after boiling, add a melon cut into slices. When the melon becomes soft, raspberry is added there and cooked until a thick consistency is formed. Then the jam is cooled and put into jars. No less tasty is the jam raspberry recipe with the addition of gooseberries and cherries. All berries in equal proportions, for example 2 kilograms, are thoroughly washed, mixed, poured with water, put on a plate. Preparation of jam according to this recipe is a rather long process: it must be cooked for two days several times a day until a uniform thick mass is formed. However, his taste will justify all the efforts spent. The jam recipe is practically the same as the recipe for raspberry jam, they are candy products. For its preparation take in equal amounts raspberries and granulated sugar. The berries are covered with sugar for two hours, and the juice, which is thus separated, is drained and brought to a boil. Then raspberries are filled with hot syrup and brought to a boil. In order to give the jam tenderness, a few minutes before the end of cooking, about a hundred grams of any fruit juice is poured into it. Ready jam has a jelly-like consistency and bright color. Any housewife can choose the recipe for the preparation of raspberry jam, which she will like.

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