/ / Fruit slicing "Peacock", "Fruit basket", "Fruit cake" - original, magically delicious and fabulously beautiful!

Fruit sliced ​​"Peacock", "Fruit basket", "Fruit cake" - original, magically delicious and fabulously beautiful!

Every holiday is accompanied by Russian peoplebeautifully set table, on which necessarily among other delicacies is also fruit sliced. This dish is usually served along with cold snacks. Of course, you can just put the whole fruit on a dish, but then there is a chance that after the feast will remain in a large quantity bitten apples and pears, oranges and the broken peel of melons. Yes, and much more convenient to treat a small, already cut a piece of apple or pear, pineapple or melon, peeled an orange slice or a slice of grapefruit.

The huge role in the presentation to the table of this dish is played by the decoration of fruit cuttings. After all, there is a whole science of artistic slicing vegetables and fruits, which is called carving.

The simplest dish of this category is fruitcutting "Pineapple in combination with other fruits". It will require pineapple, kiwi, strawberry and melon. Melon is cut into slices without peel, cutting them into pieces 3-4 cm. The melon is placed on a platter at its edge in such a way that each subsequent one is slightly superimposed on the previous one. The second layer in the same manner is performed from kiwi circles. The cut pineapple is laid as if it is whole, placing in the very center of the dish. At the "bottom" of the main character, the cuts beautifully scatter strawberries. You can also use grapes for this.

Sometimes fruit cuts are performed in combination with fresh vegetables. Using the technique of carving, you can create a real work of art. For example, the "Peacock" dish looks gorgeous.

For him it is necessary to take the daikon, from which andshould cut the very body of a white bird. After pouring the grapes on the dish, the hostess should gently place a "bird" in the center of the pile, and then the fun begins - tail design. His role is played by fruit cutting: first put a mug of orange, they put kiwi or pear mugs on them. You can also use small apples. And on top of each "feather" crowned strawberries or black grapes.

You can pierce each "feather" toothpick,making such miniature fruit canapes with wooden skewers or toothpicks. Of course, the main idea in this dish is the fact that the fruit cut is laid out in the form of the tail of a magical fairy bird. And what kind of fruit or berries the hostess will use in the dish is not so important at all. The main thing is that it was beautiful and tasty.

You can even make a sort of original fruitybirthday cake, even with candles. The role of candles is performed here on grapes strung on wooden skewers, which are placed on the halves of apples, due to which they stand steadily on the platter. In the center, a figured candle from the daikon is quite appropriate. The cake is laid out from the circles of fruit layers.

Fruit slicing in the "cake" is framed by berries: strawberries, grapes, currants, blackberries or raspberries.

And still very original composition "Fruitbasket". For a basket you can use a watermelon peel from a half of a small watermelon, from which all the pulp is pre-selected. For the stability of the "basket" you can use the crust from the other half of the watermelon, which has the shape of a rim - around the cut slice is cleared of the pulp and placed on the bottom. In the middle of this stand, the basket itself is installed. Then the stand is camouflaged with berries and sliced ​​fruit slices. In the middle of this original container, there are bunches of grapes, quarters of apples and pears, orange slices and grapefruit mugs. In fact, every hostess can make the choice of products herself according to her taste.

In order for the festive table to be truly festive, you just need to fantasize a bit, try as hard as possible to translate your ideas. And we are always glad to help you!

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