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Foet (sausage): taste, cooking characteristics, reviews

Going to visit Spain, but do not know whatto bring from this amazing country? Go around the side of the traditional magnets to the refrigerator and other souvenirs and go straight to the sausage store. The best that can be brought from Spain is a gastronomic souvenir, namely a fuette. Sausage, which has practically no equal, thin, dry and delicious, will be an excellent gift for loved ones, and leave a great impression of the trip.

Spanish sausage fuet: description and taste

The historical homeland of this cheese sausage -Catalonia. Translated from Spanish, its name "fuet" translates as "whip", which fully corresponds to the appearance of the product. The real Spanish sausage is really long and thin, not more than 3 cm in diameter, far from perfect shape and covered with a solid layer of white mold. On the cut, the cheese sausage has a bright pink color with small slices of bacon and impregnations of black ground pepper.

fuet sausage

Aroma that can be felt when slicedsausages, very pleasant, characteristic for raw meat, but with spicy mushroom notes that mold gives. In the manufacture of acids do not apply, accelerating maturation. The taste of the product - delicate, natural and harmonious - is a kind of standard for other types of sausages. The indicator of the quality of the product is the same mold, which must be dry, not slippery and damp. You do not need to buy this sausage exactly.

Features of preparation

This sausage in Spain can be found in everystore, so it is popular. Prepare a sausage fuet from chopped pork with a lot of black pepper. The stuffing is tightly stuffed into the small intestine and rubbed with salt. After that the sausage is hung for drying and ripening in a well-ventilated room with a low level of moisture until the mold forms, which gives the product a characteristic mushroom flavor. The drying time is from 1 to 2 months, depending on how fresh the product is to be obtained.

How to properly serve the table

Taste and taste of tastingsausages in many respects depend on the correctness of the filing. In Spain, one of the most popular appetizers for wine is exactly fuet. Sausage is often served on an aperitif, before main dishes for lunch or dinner. It would be real barbarism to use fuet for making sandwiches. This snack is exquisite, with a specific, delicate taste and characteristic flavor of raw meat.

raw sausage

The thickness of cutting the fuet depends on the degree of freshnesssausages. Depending on this, the product may be either too soft or hard, with a high degree of shrinkage. Hard and dry sausage is cut very thin, literally 1 mm thick. Soft fuet so you will not cut. The optimum thickness for such a sausage is 5 mm. It is worth noting that even in expensive Spanish restaurants, the sausage from the skins is not cleaned.

Can I make a fuet at home?

Delicious sausage with a noble mold can be cooked and at home. Of course, it is unlikely that you will be able to repeat the original taste, but nevertheless it turns out to be also a worthy option.

Spanish sausage fuette

Fuet - pork sausage, which includes only pork and fat, and no other kinds of meat. At home, it is prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. Low-fat pork, neck (300 grams) and lard (200 g) are cut into cubes of 5 mm in thickness.
  2. The starting culture of Bactoferm T-SPX is activated in warm water (38 ° C) for 7 minutes, after which it is added to the chopped meat.
  3. In the stuffing is added dextrose, garlic powder andblack pepper powder (3 g each), paprika (4 g), nitrite salt (2.5 g) and table salt (28 g). The proportions should be observed clearly, so for accuracy it is recommended to use kitchen scales.
  4. The stuffing is well kneaded by the hands and stuffed into the prepared shell.
  5. Further sausage is fermented for 3 days at a temperature of 20 °, after which it is covered with a layer of mold. For this, a mold culture M-VK-4 Bactoferm.
  6. After fermentation, the sausage must be finally dried in a suspended state at a temperature of 12-16 ° C and a humidity of not more than 80% for two months.

Sausage "Fuet Extra" (Fuet Extra CASADEMONT): customer reviews

As for the real Spanish sausage foet, thenhere, customer reviews, no doubt, are extremely positive. At first, its specific taste may seem unusual, but if a piece of sausage is held in your mouth a little, the opinion changes cardinally. Fuet is a very delicious and elite delicacy, which is produced in Russia as well, under the brand CASADEMONT. The raw sausage from the domestic producer, also very tasty, is made according to Spanish technology, although it is inferior to the original.

sausage extra fat

Compared with many types of sausages,presented in the Russian market, "Fuet Extra" from CASADEMONT has a more natural composition. The following ingredients are used in sausage making: pork, fat, salt, lactose, dextrose, black ground pepper, antioxidant, natural food color, garlic, starter cultures, mold culture, preservatives potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite. Russian buyers like this sausage and they are not even bothered by the price of 230 rubles for 150 grams.

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