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Pork cutlets: recipe and secrets

For many, cutlets are a favorite dish. Cooked from fresh minced meat, exuding the aromas of your favorite spices, it is not only one of the most delicious, but also satisfying enough, suitable for dinner and for a family dinner. Each mistress has her own tricks, thanks to which a unique culinary masterpiece is obtained from the usual piece of meat. So, in order to cook delicious cutlets from pork, you need to pay attention to those products that you use.

cutlets from pork recipe
Do not take ready stuffing in the store. A completely different taste will be obtained from cutlets, if you twist a piece of meat on the meat grinder yourself. Even if minced meat is made before your eyes from the pork that you have chosen, at home it is recommended to additionally at least whip it with a blender. In this case the cutlets will turn out to be more tender and juicy.

In some cases, when cooking cutlets frompork, the recipe implies the addition of chopped fat to ground meat. Whether it is worth doing, depends on the mistress herself. Of course, with this product the dish will turn out with a more intense taste. However, it will become even harder for digestion. Therefore, you need to consider the person for whom the dish is prepared and with which side dish it will be served.

cutlets from pork chopped
So, chops cutlet from pork reciperecommends doing the following. For the dish you will need an edge or neck portion of the carcass. Sometimes there are already on sale ready-made pieces without bone, which can be called "pork steaks". So, meat (small pieces) fights off, on both sides rubbed with salt and spices. Such a cutlet from pork recipe advises to do at one time not too much, since the best taste they have when they are served on the table are still fresh, warm. Pieces of meat can be additionally rubbed with your favorite seasoning (suitable for a dish of curry powder). After that cutlets are greased with vegetable oil, wrapped in foil and baked in a medium-heated oven for about half an hour. The time may vary depending on the particular oven.

delicious cutlets from pork
Pork cutlets from chopped meat are prepared as followsway. Pork meat (about half a kilogram) is washed, cut into cubes (about 1 cm), placed in a deep bowl. Two or three bulbs are cleaned, finely shredded, put to the meat. Add four tablespoons of starch, salt and pepper to taste, and four raw eggs. Meat weight with a spoon is laid out on a hot frying pan and fried on both sides. After that, cutlets from pork recipe are recommended to be placed in deep dishes, add a little water and put out for 10 minutes. Instead, you can temporarily place the dish in the oven, which needs to be heated to the desired temperature.

Traditional meatballs from pork recipe havefollowing. A polylogram of fresh ground meat is mixed with two small bulbs, scrolled through a meat grinder. In the mass put 100 grams of bread, soaked in milk, salt and pepper. From the resulting mixture, medium sized chopsticks are molded, which are rolled off on both sides in breadcrumbs and fried in a heated frying pan. Some housewives add a raw egg to the stuffing. Spices in the dish can be added to those that the cooker prefers.

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