/ / Restaurant "Mangal" (Irkutsk). Description, reviews

The restaurant "Mangal" (Irkutsk). Description, reviews

The restaurant "Mangal" (Irkutsk) is designed for 380human. It is located on the banks of the Angara River. WI-FI works for the convenience of guests throughout the premises. Near there is parking. Restaurant "Mangal" (Irkutsk) is equipped with modern multimedia equipment. A cozy atmosphere, good interior and quiet music will create a special mood for relaxation.

Restaurant "Mangal" (Irkutsk) organizes various banquets (wedding, anniversary, proms and others). Name day discounts for all menus are 15%.

The restaurant "Mangal" (Irkutsk). Menu, snacks and desserts

The menu includes:

  • children's meals;
  • sauces;
  • Dessert;
  • cold and hot snacks;
  • garnishes;
  • author's dishes;
  • beer snacks;
  • grilled dishes;
  • steaks;
  • soups;
  • salads.

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Guests of the establishment can try the following snacks and side dishes:

  • rolls of trout with cream of soft cheese (490 rubles);
  • cold cuts (price 690 rubles);
  • snack from trout with cowberry foam (450 rubles);
  • shish kebab from pork (420 rubles);
  • sugudai from the salted young ozol (470 rubles);
  • mushrooms with sour cream (650 rubles);
  • cheese assortment (630 rubles);
  • roast beef on the pillow (490 rubles);
  • grilled vegetables (220 rubles);
  • corn on the grill (150 rubles);
  • fish assortment (price 680 rubles);
  • potatoes in bacon (180 rubles);
  • shish kebab from mutton (520 rubles);
  • potatoes with garlic and mushrooms (150 rubles);
  • mashed potatoes (130 rub.);
  • rice for a couple (130 rubles);
  • lulya-kebab (either from chicken or from lamb) (330 rubles / 470 rubles);
  • shish kebab from chicken (430 rubles);
  • French fries (180 rubles);
  • pasta with mushrooms (190 rubles);
  • Grilled champignons with cream (250 rub.) and other delicious dishes.

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The menu contains the following desserts:

  • chocolate fountain (250 rubles);
  • strawberry / vanilla ice cream (180 rubles);
  • mix of ice cream (240 rubles);
  • fruit platter of bananas, apples, oranges and other fruits (550 rubles);
  • Cheesecake classic, which is issued in non-standard filing (280 rubles);
  • chocolate cake (290 rubles);
  • cake with red velvet (230 rubles);
  • a cake called "Bonofi" (price - 230 rubles).

Address and time schedule

Where is the restaurant "Mangal"? Irkutsk, Bezbokov street, 1, building 1 - this is the address of this institution.

From Sunday to Thursday, this restaurant is open from 12:00 to 00:00. On Friday and Saturday, the schedule is slightly different. These days the restaurant is open until 03:00.

The average visitor's check is one thousand rubles.

"Mangal" (restaurant, Irkutsk): reviews of guests of the establishment

Opinion of visitors about this place is good. As guests say, the atmosphere here is wonderful, the dishes are delicious. By the way, visitors note that the menu completely corresponds to the name. Since many dishes are prepared on the grill.

Guests say that this restaurant can be tastyeat, have a good rest. The only thing that is missing here is a panoramic view. It is blocked by trees. In general, this place is definitely worth a visit.

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