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Vitamin composition and useful properties of nectarine

Nectarine Photo
Nectarine, whose photo you see on the left, -tasty and beautiful summer fruit. His homeland is China, where this fruit was grown over 2000 years ago, and today there are more than 150 varieties. Many believe that it is the result of crossing the plum and peach, but this is not true. When peach trees self-pollinate, a fruit appears with a smooth skin and a denser yellow flesh. Useful properties of nectarine can not be underestimated, it is not just a rich source of vitamins and trace elements, but also much more dietetic than its peach companion. And in cooking it is widely used for making compotes, stuffing for pies, jams and jams. Its consistency is sufficient to ensure that the slices are not boiled during processing and remain intact.

Useful properties of nectarine, caloric content and vitamin composition

In addition to a rich sweet and sour taste, thisthe fruit has a lot of carotene - vitamin A, 100 g gives up to 6% of the daily norm, and it is especially rich in vitamin C. At a low calorie content (only 39 kcal per 100 g of product), this is an excellent source of potassium (190 mg), which is so useful for the heart and blood vessels, and dietary fiber (1.5 g per 100 g). And it does not contain fat at all.

useful properties of nectarine
Do not clean the fruit beforeuse, because the useful properties of nectarine, including its peels, are also in the fact that it is a rich source of antioxidants. They protect our skin from external influences of the environment, ultraviolet radiation and free radicals - substances, which, according to scientists, cause damage and aging of cells. Using nectarines, you will remain beautiful and young for a long time. This unique fruit also contains lutein and lycopene, which maintain health and good eyes and prevent the appearance of cataracts. Keep in mind that the deeper and more intense the color of the skin, the more beneficial are the properties of nectarine. A bright, ripe fruit contains far more vitamins than immature and dull. So choose correctly.

Cooking smoothies from nectarine

Smoothies - this is a very thick cocktail based onpunctured fruit, ice, sometimes with the addition of yogurt or kefir. It is especially good in the summer heat. Therefore, delicious nectarine, the properties and useful substances of which so favorably affect our body, you can use not only fresh (sometimes it's so boring), but also in a successful combination with other fruits. To make smoothies from strawberries, banana and nectarine, you will need:

nectarine properties

- 1 nectarine;
- 1 banana;
- half a glass of strawberry;
- a third cup of liquid yogurt, milk or kefir.

Cut the banana and nectarine with the peel into slices andplace in a blender. Wash and peel the strawberries from the green tops and combine with the rest of the fruit. At the beginning of the process, it is best to use the first, lowest stirring speed, gradually increasing it to the fastest. Once you have a homogeneous fruit smoothie, add milk, yogurt or kefir, and ice as needed and whisk a little more. Pour the liquid into a tall glass and enjoy a terrific summer taste. Such smoothies will appeal not only to you, but also to your children. This portion of fruit combined with useful dairy products will give you energy for a long working day.

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