/ How to prepare apricot jam with nucleoli?

How to cook apricot jam with nucleoli?

Apricot jam with nucleoli is prepared veryfast. After all, to create such a sweet product you only need to buy the necessary fruit and heat it. To make you understand more clearly how to prepare this delicious dessert, we present to your attention its step-by-step recipe.

apricot jam with nucleoli

Apricot jam with nucleoli: a detailed way of cooking

Required products:

  • sand sugar - 3 kg;
  • Apricots ripe - 2 kg;
  • drinking water - 1 part glass.

Features of the choice of the main ingredient

Apricot jam with nucleoli will be verytasty only in the event that for its preparation to acquire ripe and soft fruit, from the pulp of which the bone goes well. When buying such a product, you should pay special attention to the fact that the surface of the fruit was completely bright orange. After all, if the apricot is slightly greenish, then it will make a very rough jam with hard and fibrous fruits. Therefore, the seller of this product should always be asked to divide the sweet product in two and show how well the bone goes and if the soft pulp is enough.

jam from apricots with nucleoli

The processing of the main ingredient

Jam from apricots with nucleoli is obtainedmuch more delicious than a normal sweet product, for the preparation of which nuts are not used. Therefore, we decided to apply non-waste production. To do this, take 2 kg of ripe fruit, wash them thoroughly under a warm water jet, and then cut in two and take out the bones. In this case, the apricots should be spread in a large enameled basin. Next, you need to break all the bones removed with a hammer and get delicious nucleoli. After that, they need to be poured into the pulp along with the sugar and carefully mix everything with a large spoon.

Heat treatment

If you want to make apricot jam withnucleoli fast, then, in addition to granulated sugar, you should pour and a little drinking water. This is necessary in order for the sweet loose ingredient to melt faster and not to the bottom during the heat treatment. If you are not in a hurry with the preparation of jam, you should wait 10-12 hours, until the apricots themselves will not give the necessary juice.

delicious apricot jam

In any case, a basin filled with fruit,it is required to put on a weak fire and bring to a boil. After this, the sweet product must be boiled for another 7-11 minutes (stirring constantly), and then in hot form poured over sterilized jars. Further filled glass vessels should be rolled up and turned upside down, tightly wrapped in a blanket and held in this position for exactly 24 hours. During this time, jars of jam completely cool, and they can be transferred to a dark place for further storage (in the cellar, refrigerator, cellar, etc.).

How to properly serve the table

Tasty apricot jam will be completelyready for use the very next day after heat treatment. It should be put in a kremanka and presented to guests with a warm toast and hot tea.

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