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Fruit basket: an interesting recipe

What could be better than a fruit basket fromchocolate? To make such a box is so simple that you will be surprised how you did not think of this before. At the same time, the surprise will be very original, and it will be appreciated at any party. Having created such a basket, you can fill it with anything: fruits, berries and everything that you have imagination will do!

fruit basket

Step 1

You will need:

  1. Chocolate (dark: bitter, semisweet).
  2. Plastic container (of any shape and size).
  3. A wide spatula for uniform distribution of chocolate.
  4. Filler for the basket (whole berries, cut fruits, nuts, etc.).

Step 2

Melt the chocolate in a water bath, for thisplace the plate with it in a pot of boiling water so that the bottom of the dish is submerged in water and the edges stay outside. You can also melt it in a microwave oven.

It is desirable to use dark bitter or semisweet chocolate, rather than white or milk, otherwise the box will be fragile and may become cracked when hardened.

Step 3

How fruit baskets are formed

The recipe is quite simple - when chocolatemelt, evenly distribute it on the inside surface of the plastic container with a spatula or a wide kitchen knife. You can use any shape and size of the container.

fruit basket recipe

Step 4

It is not necessary to cover the walls with chocolatecontainer up to the top, if you want, you can choose for them the necessary height (you must estimate in advance what will be your fruit basket).

Now, when a thick enough layer of chocolate is formed below, tap on the bottom of the container from the back side to release air bubbles and level the surface.

Place the container in the freezer toa fruit basket of chocolate could freeze. Make sure that the chocolate layer is not too thin and will not crack when you remove it. However, if it is necessary, you can add another layer and freeze it again. The thicker the basket is, the less likely it is that cracks form in it.

fruit basket pictures

Step 5

You can use the remaining chocolate by dipping strawberries or other berries and fruits there. Simply lower them into the molten mass so that it is distributed evenly.

Step 6th

Lay out the ready berries and fruits on the foil for baking and decorate the confectioner with powder or sugar powder. For freezing place the sheet in the freezer.

Step 7

When the chocolate solidifies, remove it from thefreezer. To the fruit basket was removed without damage, turn the container over and gently pull its walls in different directions. You will see that the places where the chocolate is detached from the container walls become lighter. The areas where it still adheres to the container will remain brown, you need to carefully separate them. After you release the walls, lightly press down on the bottom of the container. Now, to finally remove the basket, gently pull it out, holding the walls. Be careful not to drop it and break it. If it accidentally breaks, you can glue it together, also using melted chocolate. Do not worry about minor flaws, when the fruit basket (the photo is presented in this article) will be filled, they will not be noticeable.

Now fill it with berries, fruits and sweets. If the walls are high enough, you can decorate it and outside. That's all! The product is simple in performance, but impressive!

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