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We prepare fish patties: a recipe and its variants

Among the huge variety of fish dishes, fish cutlets occupy an honorable place and can be considered one of the most popular.

With a crispy crust, juicy, flavored, fried in breadcrumbs or without them - such can be fish patties.

The very concept of "cutlet", of course, was inventedFrench, these trendsetters are not only in the design of clothing, but also in cooking. "Cutlet" means in translation the word "rib", and this means that the cutlet, in its original meaning, can be not only from chopped meat, but also from its whole piece, and fed directly to the rib.

A little later, the idea of ​​a cutlet as somethingfrom chopped minced meat was transferred to other types of products. So there were potato cutlets, rice cakes, cutlets from soy, cutlets from vegetables (cabbage and carrots), from mushrooms, and fish cutlets. The recipe for cooking all kinds of cutlets is roughly similar, but, of course, the taste of all kinds of cutlets are completely different.

For example, to cook fish cutlets(recipe from pollock), it is required to take away the bones from the fish, carefully cut the fins, pass through the meat grinder the flesh of the fish with the white bun that was previously soaked in milk. An obligatory condition is the addition of minced onions and carrots to mince: they will make the meat richer taste, and the carrot will add a pinkish tint to the fried cutlet.

In order to cutlets from low-fat fishhave become more juicy, you can add butter or margarine to the stuffing. If you do not have these products at hand, add 2-3 tablespoons of sunflower oil, and then as a result you will get delicate fish cutlets. The recipe for using butter in the preparation of meat cutlets from fish also allows not only adding fats to mincemeat, but also putting a piece of butter directly into the middle of the cutlet while it is being molded. For example, fish pate fish are prepared. The recipe is simple: meat is taken from the bones, a white bread (baton) soaked in milk and onions are added to the stuffing. Salt and pepper add to taste, and in the middle of cutlets wrap a piece of butter, which in the process of heat treatment melts and mixes with the juice. When you serve such cutlets for your households, a surprise awaits: a fragrant, terrific, delicious juice that flows down onto the plate and makes it desperately knock on the table with a spoon in the mute demand of the additive!

Fish cutlets, a recipe for cookingEach mistress can have her own, perfectly combined with vegetables as a side dish. It can be boiled or fried potatoes, asparagus beans in tomato sauce, vegetable stew, cauliflower in batter, stewed beetroot in sour cream. In addition, fish cutlets can be served with a variety of sauces, as well as cooked in white or red sauce.

The basis for white sauce is flour, dilutedwater or seasoned with sour cream (sometimes milk), as well as fried to golden color, onions. This sauce is called béchamel and has a very wide distribution in cooking.

If you cook fish patties, the recipe allowsto extinguish them in a red sauce based on tomato paste or tomato juice. This sauce will sharpen your cutlets, but will make their taste less expressive.

Classics of the genre recommend to serve fish cutlets with cowberry sauce. Also an interesting combination with fish cutlets is a sauce made from cranberries.

And you can also make sauce from a tomato, sweetpepper, onions, olives and white wine. This sauce has a wonderful aroma, a wonderful taste and harmoniously beautifies the taste of any meat or fish dish.

Therefore, experiment, create, look for new variants and combinations of taste and smell, and the glory of creative culinary will haunt you!

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