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Exotic fruit pamela

Many exotic fruits (see photo below) lie today on the shelves of retail chains. They please us with amazing tastes and richness of their useful properties.

pamela fruit
Pamella fruit, which has recently appeared on the Russian market, is currently a highly sought-after product. It's nice that he pleases us with his useful qualities all year round.

Fruit pamella, or, as it is called, shaddock,refer to the genus citrus. The same name is also given to the plant whose fruit it is. The fruit is somewhat larger than the orange, but it is less sweet. Depending on the environment where the pomelo grows, the fetus may be of different shape and color. But its impressive dimensions will always remain unchanged. In the family of citrus fruits, this fruit is the largest. In size, some of its species are similar to melons.

pamella fruit
The pamella fruit has been cultivated for a long time inChina. In modern times, the plant can be found in Indonesia and Vietnam, in the US and Japan, in India and in Taiwan. In its appearance pomelo resembles a large grapefruit size. Above, its pulp, divided into large slices, is covered with thick skin. The main advantage of exotic fruit is its long shelf life. At a temperature equal to room temperature, it does not spoil more than a month. In the fridge, pomelo is stored much longer.

The exotic fruit ripens in February. When eating medicinal fruits in food, the body is enriched with calcium and phosphorus, sodium and iron, potassium and vitamins C, A, B2, B1 and B5. In addition, pomelo contains in its pulp a large number of useful fats and proteins. There is in the fruit of this exotic fruit essential oil, which together with ascorbic acid perfectly copes with ARI, SARS and influenza.

Pamella is a fruit that can preventthe emergence, as well as the division of tumor cells, stopping the development of cancer. The ingestion of exotic fruits slows down the aging process. This contributes to the microelements contained in the flesh of the fruit.

Inclusion of pomelo in the diurnal diet favorablyaffects the digestive processes. This is made possible by the fat and protein breakdown enzymes also present in the flesh. That is why the pamella fruit is often included in various diets.

exotic fruit photo
The most useful part of the fruit is exoticplants are its veins. They are slightly bitter, so they are often thrown out. However, this part of the exotic fruit is able to perfectly clean the intestines, removing the slag from it.
Fruit pomelo - an indispensable tool for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Useful properties of fruit bring invaluable help in hypertension.

The use of pomelo in food by women during the period of expectation of the child has a beneficial effect on the course of pregnancy and the development of a healthy fetus.

European cooks are made from exoticfruit filling for baking and salads. Delicious with them and a variety of desserts. Serve pomelo to fish and meat, making from fruit all kinds of sauces. Asian cooks use a healthy and delicious fruit in poultry and seafood dishes.

When choosing a fruit, you should pay attention toskin. It should be shiny and a bit smooth. These indicators characterize ripeness of the fetus. The more pleasant and stronger the smell of fruit, the better it will be for its taste qualities.

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