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Milksheyk (recipe): simple and useful!

At present, such a delicacy as a milksheyk has become widespread. The recipe for this drink is based on milk or any other dairy product.

A little bit about the delicacy

To prepare a milksheyka use kefir,cream, yogurt, ice cream, fermented milk and even yogurt. There are a huge number of recipes with a wide variety of additives (berries, fruits, caramel, nutella, liqueur and many others).

milksheyk recipe

A milkshake can be pampered as children,both adults and adults. And the most important thing is that the milksheyk is very useful, especially if you add fresh berries or fruits to it. Also this delicious treat is great for kids who refuse to eat in the morning. Replacing or adding breakfast with a milkshake, the child will be charged with energy, living vitamins and minerals, which will allow him to lead an active lifestyle during the day.

How to make a cocktail

Here is one of the simplest and most common recipes: take 250 g of ice cream (it is better to take a filling) and 1 liter of milk, mix and whisk with a blender until the foam appears. The cocktail is ready!

For the preparation of nutritious and healthy drinksdo not have special culinary skills. There is a huge number of recipes for a milkshake. Of course, for people with a good imagination it will not be difficult to prepare such a delicacy yourself, without a specific composition. An amazing variety of ingredients will allow everyone to find their own millsheyk, the recipe of which will consist of favorite foods. Some people prepare a milk drink even with vegetables, such as a pumpkin or zucchini. An example of this will be the following recipe.

  • 300 g of baked pumpkin until soft;
  • 250 grams of milk and sugar to taste.

Everything is mixed in a blender.

Such recipes for milkshakes at home are simply prepared for those who have a vegetable garden near their hand.

recipes for milkshakes at home

Benefits of banana milksheyka

Banana milksheyak especially useful for health. The banana contains a large amount of potassium, and the milk is enriched with calcium. In combination, these two products provide a healthy work of the heart and heart muscle. Adding magnesium and phosphorus, also contained in milk and banana, to calcium and potassium, we will provide strength to teeth and bones. Vitamins A and C, which are in milk, support the work of the immune system. Milsheyk, whose recipe includes bananas, will please the whole family.

To make a banana milksheyka it is necessary to take 2 medium bananas and about one liter of milk and as usual mix everything with a blender.

banana milksheyk

Harm to milkshakes

There is an opinion that milkshakes,cooked in fast food establishments, contain a huge amount of sugar and fat. Constant or frequent use of them can cause diabetes and obesity, which is a big threat to health. American scientists have revealed that the milksheyk, whose recipe includes sugar and sweet additives, causes some dependence in children, in which the child can not stop, that is, the more he drinks, the more he wants more.

Also, American scientists associate harm withthe fact that a cocktail is most often washed down with dishes that are served in fast food establishments. Such foods as french fries, chicken nuggets, hamburgers and hot dogs are prepared in a large amount of fat, which is also a harmful addition to the milk drink and has a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract. But in these studies we are talking about beverages from fast food. Most likely, a milkshake cooked at home from selected and fresh products with a minimum dose of sugar, and maybe even without it, will not have a bad effect on the body.

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