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How to prepare a salad with a grapefruit

Grapefruit is a hybrid of pomelo andorange. It consists of minerals: iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and vitamins of group C and B. It is a low-calorie fruit that can burn excess fat, accelerate metabolism, reduce blood sugar and lower cholesterol. Despite the fact that fresh grapefruit has a specific taste, it is possible to prepare real delicious dishes from it.

The most popular is salad withgrapefruit and chicken. For its preparation, boiled chicken breasts should be cut into pieces, add a lot of sliced ​​greenery and let stand. During this time, prepare a dressing from olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce and chili peppers. All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed until uniform.

With the ready-made constituents blend the purified andcut into cubes of grapefruit. All is good to mix, fill and can be served to the table. Hen with grapefruit is perfectly combined with tomatoes and canned corn, green onions, lettuce and other greens.

This fruit is especially useful in winter, whenThe lack of vitamins is felt both by adults and children. Fruit salad with grapefruit will serve as an easy vitamin breakfast for the baby and mother, will bring pleasure and will bring great health benefits. To make a salad you need to take two grapefruits, peel off white films and finely chop, add orange juice and pieces of fresh apples and bananas. Top with sugar and pour any juice. Gently mix and break into plates.

Original salad with grapefruit and cranberrieslike every woman. It becomes simply indispensable in winter and early spring to restore strength, cheerfulness and cheerfulness. Several grapefruit fruits are divided into slices, add agave nectar and juice of one orange. Berries of cranberries pour boiling water, heat on the stove, but do not bring to a boil, and put cool. Stir all parts and leave in the refrigerator until the morning. For breakfast, you will get a great salad taste, especially if you add a piece of banana.

Spicy and colorful turns a salad withgrapefruit and shrimp. The combination of exotic products makes it unique in taste, useful and unloading after plentiful feasts. It is best to serve a salad on a wide and flat dish. At the bottom, you need to put a few leaves of Peking cabbage. Part of the cabbage chopped straw, add boiled rice, thin slices of grapefruit, peeled off the film, and onion, scalded with boiling water, so as not to feel bitterness. Mix everything and put it on the dish.

Shrimp must be boiled, brushed and cut intopieces. Add some shrimp to the salad, mix with mayonnaise and other ingredients. And the remaining seafood can be original decorated with a salad with grapefruit on top. An unusual flavor will attract the attention of children, and nobody will remain indifferent.

Having developed a fantasy, it is possible to prepare salads with crabsor scallops with olive oil dressing. You can add cheese and pine nuts, avocado and tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper and pear. As a sauce for salad, mix soy sauce or wine vinegar, olive oil or yogurt.

In the hot summer days will have to taste unusualsalad «Lady's whim». It is prepared from chicken breast, celery, grapefruit, salad and roasted pine nuts. Refreshing salad dressing is made from yogurt, mustard and lemon juice. This dish can be served in beautiful portioned salad bowls or deep glass glasses.

Using a variety of types of refills, you canto prepare salads for every taste. Men will appreciate white wine and mayonnaise sauce, women will like a mixture of yogurt or liqueur with lemon juice, and children like fruit salads with cheese, sour cream or juice.

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