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Dish from ground beef is a quick solution to the problem, than to feed the family

What to cook with ground beef? If only to list the names of dishes, then, probably, there will not be enough pages. Bottles, meatballs, meatballs, cutlets, lub-kebab ... And they can also stuff dumplings, dumplings, cabbage rolls, Bulgarian peppers and tomatoes, Italian cannelloni and seashells. With minced meat it's good to make casseroles, rolls, zrazes, pasta in a Fleet manner, pies, belyashi, chebureks, lasagna. Here we give only a small part of the recipes of dishes from ground beef. We will also tell you how to make delicious and delicate mincemeat with your own hands.

Beef dish

You should choose the meat of a young animal. Veal has a pink, not red, and a more delicate texture. For mincemeat any part of the carcass without a bone will fit: a flank, a scapula, rump, shank flesh and even trimming. The main thing is that along with the pulp there was a small layer of fat. She will make a dish of ground beef more airy (although less dietary). Whichever flesh you choose, you need to pass it through the meat grinder twice.

Recipes of dishes from ground beef

Further recipes of dishes from ground beef advisedo with the main ingredient in different ways. Many people do not know how to cook meatballs without adding eggs. Say, what in that case will fasten the forcemeat and form products? But the eggs make the mass stiff. Try to replace them with cold water, and add a crumb of white bread, soaked in milk. In mincemeat often finely chopped onions, potatoes, flour are added. But we give here the recipes of the most original dishes from a veal scrolled through a meat grinder. For example, traditional cutlets can be baked in such an original way: wrap the mince in a slice of bacon. It in turn - in foil. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Dumplings in the Nikitsin style

This is a very simple dish of ground beef is preparing so. Finely chopped (or even rubs) a bulb and an apple. Stir with a half kilogram of minced meat. In the mass are also added two eggs, soaked in milk crumbs, two tablespoons of grated cheese, a pinch of salt and pepper. From this mass small balls are formed - dumplings. They are lowered into boiling, slightly salted water. After surfacing, dumplings are cooked for another five minutes, after which they are caught with a noise. In a small amount of broth pour half a glass of sour cream and a spoonful of starch. Stir the sauce, bring to a boil. Pour them dumplings, sprinkle with herbs.

"Casserole of lazy bones"

What to cook with ground beef

Also, judging by the name, an easy-to-prepare dish of ground beef. We grease the mold with oil. In the mincemeat, nothing but salt is added. Lubricate its upper edge with mayonnaise and cover with cut marinated mushrooms. Sprinkle the dish with a lot of grated cheese of hard varieties. Put the form in a hot oven for 50 minutes.

Meat pancakes

This is not the usual envelopes from the dough with meatstuffing, and the most real dish of ground beef. In the scrolled veal we drive raw eggs, add finely chopped garlic, pepper and salt. Pour in small portions of flour and beat, to make the mixture became similar in consistence to the dough for pancakes. Fry like pancakes, in a hot skillet in vegetable oil. Immediately after removing from the fire, turn them off with a roll. Serve these pancakes with sour cream or mushroom sauce, sprinkling them with herbs.

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