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Tkemali sauce: what is it and how to cook it?

At the moment there is a huge amountdifferent ways of making sauces. Some of them are suitable only for fish or meat, and some are universal. There are sauces that are easily prepared at home. It is to them and refers tkemali. What it is? This is a kind of sauce, made from plums (cherry plums). The recipe came from Georgia.

What is this?

Tkemali: what is it?

In fact, tkemali - a variety of speciesacidic wild plum. However, the same name is also used for sauce, which can be prepared at home. There are only a few varieties of this dish: green and red. Recipes for their preparation are practically the same. However, there is a significant difference.

So, the red tkemali. What is it and what is it used for? This sauce is prepared, as a rule, at the end of summer from ripe red plums. Of course, red is only a symbol. Ready-made sauce can have a yellow and even orange tinge. In some cases, a blackthorn is added to the composition. Then the finished sauce gets a burgundy color.

What about the green tkemali? What is it and what is it made of? In this case, the sauce is prepared from immature fruits of wild plum. Closing it for the winter is not recommended. Use green tkemali as needed.

plum sauce

With what is combined tkemali

Tkemali is a fragrant sauce that you canuse with many products. At the same time, the taste of the finished product turns slightly sour and slightly spicy. Tkemali perfectly matches with fried meat, with a bird and even a fish. It can be eaten with pasta, omelette, shish kebab and young potatoes.

Many argue that the sauce has simply unique properties. It not only gives the dishes a unique taste, but also can neutralize excess fat.

How to cook

Tkemali in Georgian is very easy to prepare. This will require:

  1. Alycha red is 1 kg.
  2. Red pepper, spicy - from 1 to 3 pods.
  3. Sugar sand - to taste.
  4. Blooming cilantro is the middle bunch. If necessary, you can replace it with ground coriander grains.
  5. Salt.
  6. Mint swamp or ordinary, young garlic, dill - on the average bundle.
    tkemali from red plum

Preparation of berries

To prepare the sauce from the sinks, you needprepare all the main products. The berries should be washed and placed in a deep container. It is also worth pouring water so that it only covers the fruit a little. A pan with a cherry plum should be placed on the fire and bring its contents to a boil. After that, the water must be drained. The procedure must be repeated. Water should be poured so that it covers berries for two fingers. The container with fruits should be placed on a fire and brought to a boil. Cook the fruits until they are softer. It takes about half an hour.

What to do after cooking

Plum sauce is cooked quickly enough. After heat treatment, the fruit should be cooled for 30 minutes, and then rubbed. The resulting jam should be passed through a sieve. This will remove the skin and bones. Cake should be carefully wrung out. For this it is necessary to use a strainer with a fine mesh. The remaining bones and peel should be discarded.

Cooking process

Dill, cilantro, young garlic and mint should be finely choppedchop or grind with a mincer. The resulting mass must be mixed with cherry puree. It is necessary to add salt, as well as chopped hot pepper. A cherry plum is almost ready. It remains to thoroughly mix and try.

If the sauce is very sour, then it is worth adding a little sugar syrup or sugar. If the tkemali is thick, then you can bring it to the desired consistency with ordinary boiled water.

tkemali in Georgian

How to store

Tkemali from red plum can be stored simply inrefrigerator or roll up and store in the cellar. In the first case, the prepared sauce after cooking should be poured into carefully washed jars of glass and covered with a cap nylon. You can also store tkemali in bottles.

As for the winter variant, herethere are some features. During the preparation of this sauce, dried spices are added. Use fresh herbs is not recommended. All components are cooked, and then poured into carefully washed and sterilized containers. Vegetable oil is also poured here. After that, the cans with sauce are tightly sealed and stored in a cool place.

how to cook tkemali for the winter

Cooking Instructions

Now you know how to cook tkemali for the winter. Of course, if necessary, the sauce recipe can be changed a little. It all depends on what products are available. If there is no red or yellow plum, then it is not recommended to use a regular plum. The product will not be very tasty. It is possible to replace the main component with green gooseberry. The technology of preparing tkemali does not change.

If there is no swamp or mint at hand, then it can also be replaced. Most often for the preparation of tkemali from red plum is used thyme or lemon balm.

The process of preparing the sauce also has its ownfeatures. When cooking, cherry plum should be regularly mixed. However, tools that are made of metal or plastic are not suitable for this. It is better to use a spoon made of wood. Otherwise, the taste of the sauce will be spoiled.

It is also not recommended to add vinegar to the vinegar. Even if the sauce will be rolled for the winter. In this case, a few teaspoons of vegetable oil should be poured into the tkemali jar. This will protect the product from damage.

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