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Confiture "Extra-class" and jam from apricots in the multivark

jam from apricots in a multivark
Prepare jam from apricots in a multivark is very simple, most importantly, it's decided to make a delicate treat, everything else will follow.


Let's start with a phase that can not be missednot with one cooking option, - the choice of apricots. This is a very important part, since the quality of the fruits depends, if not all, then very much. The main difference, except for a variety, of course, is the degree of maturity. It is this indicator that plays a role in what you will be able to cook. So, if you managed to buy ripe, but dense, not damaged fruit, then they will make the perfect jam. Let's call it "Extra-class". The fruits are soft, some of them are useful for ordinary jam, but the ripe and fragrant will fit for the best confiture.

How to make apricot jam?

We will offer you three variations on a given topicbased on the quality of the fruit. You have the right to supplement any of the recipes offered by us with spices and vary the amount of sugar. From spices, you can recommend lemon zest, vanillin or cardamom, and sugar works perfectly with a 1: 1 ratio (sugar: fruit), but if the fruit is slightly immature, you can increase the proportions towards sugar, and vice versa.

apricot jam is good

"Extra-class". Jam from apricots in a multivark

Select apricots are washed and dried. Any stick is pushed out the bone, in the direction from the stem. The almond core is placed in the formed cavity. Sugar is spread in the capacity of multivarkers, add a little water and turn on the "quenching" mode. The amount of water is approximate, an average of one kilogram of sugar will require about a quarter of a glass. Close the multivark and cook until the sugar is completely dissolved, and the syrup starts to boil slightly. At this point, you need to put the prepared fruits in one layer and allow to boil on the "quenching" regime. Jam should boil with an open valve for fifteen minutes, after which it must be completely cooled and repeat the procedure with a slow boil three times. After that hot jam is poured over sterile jars and rolled up.

Just jam from apricots in a multivark

Fruits are washed, cut into halves with the aimto separate the stone. Then fall asleep sugar overnight (1: 1 ratio). Then they shift the multivarks into the bowl, trying not to injure the fruits. Turn on the "quenching" mode and wait for the boiling. Then repeat everything, as in the previous recipe.

how to make apricot jam

Confiture. Jam from apricots in a multivark

Soft and overripe fruit is ground with a blenderwith the addition of pectin (for example, "Zhelfix"). Bring to a boil in the "steaming" mode, add sugar, give a boil. Cook three minutes, pour on sterile jars, roll. You have another apricot jam ready.

The benefits of this dessert are huge. Jam is recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, as the fruits contain enough potassium and iodine, phosphorus and magnesium, vitamins C, PP, carotene, etc. Apricot jam is the most delicious medicine in the world!


Do not exceed the permissible volumes of your unit. During cooking, jam greatly increases in volume and can "escape".

Do not bother the fruit in the process of cooking, be careful with them. Then they will retain their appearance.

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