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Have you tried orange liqueur?

If you've never tried this terrificalcoholic drink, then you lost a lot. The most popular orange liqueur is Cointreau, but this is not due to its taste, but to the cocktail of the B-52, where it is one of the constituent parts. Although true connoisseurs of fine spirits can tell a lot about this liqueur.

Cointreau is produced in France from the mostnatural products on the most modern equipment and the most advanced technologies. Therefore, this orange liqueur, the recipe of which is kept in the strictest secrecy, will appeal not only to true connoisseurs of spirits, but also to ordinary citizens. The combination of sweet and bitter oranges with a rather large amount of double distillation grape gives a special and original taste. Pure Cointreau is served with crushed ice or coffee beans and fire, like a sambuca.

Another 40% French orange liqueur hasvery different taste. Grand Marnier (Grand Marnier) reconciled the tastes of a hobby horse and wild green oranges. Cognac alcohol base not only gives the liquor a special taste, but also colors it in an amber tint. The supply of pure liqueur with ice is unacceptable - the most complete taste range is transferred in a warm form. But here there are some differences among the connoisseurs of liquors, because each person has his own taste needs. For example, banana liqueur can perfectly replace orange liqueur, and the cost of this alcoholic beverage will be even slightly less. But when it comes to exquisite products, here it is absolutely impossible to waste time trifling. After all, this is why French cognacs and wines are so highly valued all over the world!

The progenitor of all liquors based on oranges andGrape alcohol is "Triple Sek", which means "thrice dry". It was created, of course, by the Frenchman Jean Baptiste Combeur, who did not even suspect that this drink would be so popular. The derivatives "Triple Sec" have a different fortress, and many of them have become much more popular due to this in many respects. This dry orange liqueur is often used instead of Cointreau, but true fans will always distinguish between the original and analogues. It is clear that these liqueurs are made in production, where highly qualified specialists strictly follow the observance of the manufacturing technology: the combination and weight of the ingredients, the temperature regime and so on. Only the most experienced specialists in this industry can get access to the production of this French liquor on an orange basis. But orange liqueur can be cooked and at home, it is only necessary to be patient. To get 1.25 liters of ready-made liqueur you will need:

- 5 pieces of large oranges;

- 0,7 liters of vodka;

- 500 grams of granulated sugar;

- one liter can with lid;

- 1.5 liter bottle.

Oranges should be thoroughly washed and cut off from themzest. At the same time, try not to touch the white film, as excessive amount of it will give the future liquor bitterness. Due to this property it is possible to regulate the taste of the future drink. To cut the zest, a vegetable peeler will work well. Put the zedra in a jar and, bay with vodka, clean for 5 days in a dark cool place, for example, in a refrigerator. Peeled oranges, place in a tightly tied package and also put in the refrigerator, and after five days they will be needed again. Five days later, on the sixth, you can throw out a bucket from a can. From oranges squeeze out the juice, bring the amount of water to 0.5 liters, add sugar and put on fire. Once the sugar has dissolved, remove the syrup from the heat and cool. Mix orange tincture with syrup, pour into a bottle and leave in the fridge for 2-3 days. The delivery of chilled liquor will be more effective if you pour it into frozen glasses or glasses.

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