/ Jam without sugar - cooking recipes. What is the use of jam without sugar?

Jam without sugar - cooking recipes. What is the use of jam without sugar?

Many mistresses do not even guess that you cancook jam without sugar. But this product (sugar) harms the body. In the distant past, man's ancestors did well without him. On the flavor properties of the prepared jam, this was not reflected strongly. On the contrary, the procurement was more useful.

jam without sugar

Simple rules

To cook jam without sugar is possible today,using ancient recipes. Someone motivates it with the high cost of the product, and someone with the benefit of harvesting without sugar. So, how to cook jam without sugar. For starters, it is worth remembering a few rules:

  1. Before you cook this jam, you should carefully wash the strawberries under running water. At this stage it is necessary to remove the cups. But raspberries are not worth washing.
  2. Collect berries and fruits best in clear and sunny weather. According to experts, it is at this time, the fruits have a more intense and sweet taste.
  3. Strawberry and raspberry have absorbing properties. When cooking, these products are brewed into a homogeneous mass.
  4. Cherries, as well as cherries, cooked inown juice, have not only a bright taste, but also bring the body more benefits. You can cook these berries together. One part of the cherries and cherries should simply be washed and sprinkled over the jars, and the second one should be cooked a little, preferably to a mushy condition. After that, the product should be wiped. Jam is enough to sterilize and roll.
  5. Apples, plums and pears contain a lot of juice. They can be poured with a liquid obtained after evaporation of the currant or raspberry.

cherry jam without sugar

How to make jam without sugar from strawberries

The finished product is perfectly suited as afillings in pancakes and patties. To make jam from strawberries without sugar, you need a few kilograms of strawberries, as well as small containers of glass.

Cooking process

Strawberry jam without sugar is prepared veryjust. Berries for a start should be carefully washed and removed stems. Strawberries should be dried after processing. The containers in which the jam will be stored must also be washed and sterilized.

The berries should be placed in a deep pan andput on fire. The contents of the container should be brought to a boil. After that, the jam can be removed from the fire and neatly arranged in jars. Containers with fruits should be placed in a pot of water and sterilized. After 20 minutes after boiling water cans with strawberries can be removed and rolled. Jam should cool down, while the banks need to turn upside down. In this way you can make jam from a currant without sugar.

how to cook jam without sugar

Cherry jam

Very popular is jam from cherries without sugar. It is prepared very simply. To do this, you need water and 400 g of berries, pre-peeled.

Stages of preparation

To make jam from cherries without sugar turned outtasty, you should cook it in a water bath. This will require several deep tanks. The pan should be filled with water, the amount of liquid should be slightly more than half the volume of the container. Water should be brought to a boil. Cherries must be peeled and put in a deep bowl, preferably refractory.

After this, the container with the berries should be putto a water bath. Within 30 minutes, the cherries should be cooked on high heat. After that, the flame should be reduced. To cook jam without sugar is necessary for three hours, if necessary, you can add water.

While the berries are cooked, it is worth preparing the jars. They need to be thoroughly washed, dried, and then sterilized. Finished jam to remove from the water bath, and then cool. Cooled delicacy spread on the banks and roll up with metal covers. Keep cherry jam without sugar in a cool place.

raspberry jam for the winter

Raspberry jam for the winter without sugar

Such a delicacy is like not only the mostsmall. Jam from raspberries will please the adult and the adult. It allows you to brighten up tea drinking, and also help to cure any cold disease. In addition, raspberry jam contains many vitamins, which are so necessary for a person in the cold season. In addition, for its preparation requires a few products. To make raspberry jam for the winter, it will take several kilograms of berries and water.

How to Make Raspberry Jam

Make a delicious treat of raspberries can evenvery young mistress. This does not require special skills and knowledge. First you need to prepare the necessary dishes. To make a jam of raspberries, you need a bucket of enamel and gauze. The material should be folded in several layers and put on the bottom of the container.

Banks, which will be stored dainty, you needthoroughly wash and dry. In the prepared containers put the raspberries and carefully tamper. After that, the jars should be placed in an enamel bucket, add a little water and put on a small fire. After it starts to boil, the berries will excrete the juice, and their volume will decrease significantly. Therefore, in the preparation process, pour raspberries into the jars. Boil the berries for about an hour.

Ready raspberry jam should be rolled up with lids, and then cooled, turning the bottom up. Keep the treat is in a cool place.

currant jam without sugar

Apricot jam

Today in the store you can buy enoughtasty jam from apricots. However, to taste it is very different from home. If desired, you can prepare yourself jam from apricot without sugar. Many will agree that such a delicacy is perfect as a filling for the creation of cakes, pies, pies, rolls and a variety of desserts. It should be noted that there are several ways to prepare jam from apricots. At the same time, a delicacy completely different in taste is obtained.

To make jam from apricots,one kilogram of fruit is needed. If desired, you can do without sugar. In this case, it is better to choose fruits overripe - in such apricots a lot of sugar. Therefore, when preparing jam, this component is not needed.

Ripened fruits for a start should be thoroughly washed, dried and peeled. After this, the apricots should be crushed. You can do this with a food processor or a meat grinder.

The containers in which the treat will be stored must be prepared in advance. They should be washed and sterilized.

jam from strawberry without sugar

The mass that resulted as a resultprocessing of fruits, it is necessary to pour into a refractory container and put on fire. Jam should be brought to a boil and cook for about five minutes. After this, the ready-made delicacy is placed in prepared jars and carefully rolled, preferably with metallic sterile caps.

Apple jam

How to cook jam without sugar from apples? Probably, many mistresses asked themselves such a question. If desired, you can make a dessert on fructose. This recipe is perfect for those who suffer from diabetes, but do not want to deny yourself a sweet tooth. For preparation you will need:

  1. Peeled apples - one kilogram.
  2. Fructose is about 650 grams.
  3. Pectin - 10 grams.
  4. A few glasses of water.

Preparation of jam from apples

First you need to prepare the fruit. They should be washed and cleaned, removing the core and peel. The flesh must be cut into cubes. In the end, it should be about one kilogram of crushed apples.

jam from apricot without sugar

Water should be mixed with fructose and cookedsyrup. To make the composition more dense, add pectin. After this, the resulting mass should be poured into cut apples and cook for about seven minutes. Exposure of the product to heat treatment for longer than this time is not necessary, since fructose begins to change its properties.

Glass containers need to be washed andsterilize. The same should be done with lids. Ready jam of apples must be decomposed into prepared containers, and then rolled. Keep the treat in a cool place so that it does not hit the sun.

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