/ How to prepare brine for lightly salted cucumber? The best recipes for housewives

How to prepare brine for lightly salted cucumber? The best recipes for housewives

Freshly salted cucumbers are one of the mostold Russian snacks. They supplement and dilute any meat, fish, vegetable dish. Therefore, as soon as the first fruits of this vegetable ripen on the beds, the housewives begin to salt them. The whole secret of the piquant taste and good flavor of lightly salted cucumbers is in the properly prepared brine. Inexperienced in this matter, the housewives are dedicated to our article. In it you will learn how to prepare brine for lightly salted cucumber in many ways. Snack, made according to these recipes, is obtained and appetizing, and fragrant, and most importantly - crispy.

pickle for lightly salted cucumber

Lightly salted cucumbers in cold brine

Bright green with crispy crustproduce vegetables, if for their preparation do not apply heat treatment. How to prepare brine for lightly salted cucumbers in a "cold" way? In a separate vessel mix 5 large glasses of water and 2 large spoons of rock salt (without a slide). If you want the snack to get more acute, add here one small spoon of dry mustard. While the salt will dissolve, prepare vegetables and spices.

lightly salted cucumbers in hot brine

In the jar put the hot pepper, choppedmugs, a head of peeled garlic, a couple of fennel and parsley sticks. Put cucumbers on top of all spices. Cover the fruit with fresh horseradish leaves. Pour the pickles over the brine, cover with a dense lid and leave to salivate for 3 days in the basement or on the balcony.

Freshly salted cucumber in hot brine

"Daily cucumbers" - this is what vegetables are calledare salted in a "hot" way. A snack made with this technology is ready for use 24 hours after cooking. So, how to make a hot pickle for lightly salted cucumbers? In an enamel saucepan with water (2 liters), you must put spices: laurel, currant leaves, sweet pepper, cloves. It should also pour 4 large spoons of rock salt. Boil the contents of the pan for a couple of minutes. Brine the strain and pour into pre-prepared jars with cucumbers. Then you need to close the containers with covers and leave in a dark place for a day. To the dish turned out fragrant and tasty, the fruits in the jar should be poured with chopped garlic, horseradish root, greens.

Spicy pickle for lightly salted cucumber

This recipe is for gourmets. The taste of the dish created on it differs from the taste of classic lightly salted cucumbers. It is more sweet and tart. To prepare the brine you will need: juice of half a lemon, 2 small spoons of sugar, half of the same spoon of salt, 1 large spoon of mustard "Dijon". Of these ingredients you need to make a brine (do not add water). Cucumbers cut into mugs. Fold in a glass jar, pouring marinade. The container should be closed and shaken well. Leave the snack in the fridge for an hour or two. Shake from time to time a bowl of cucumbers. The dish can be sampled after two hours.

lightly salted cucumbers in cold brine

Prepare crispy, delicious, fragrantlightly salted cucumbers is not at all difficult. In this case, the main thing is to pick up that brine recipe, which to taste to you and members of your family. And this can be determined only through experiments. Try the cooking methods presented in the article, and for sure, they will all long "settle" in your notebook with recipes of your favorite dishes.

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