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Pina Colada Cocktail: recipe

For certain it is not known who and when inventeda cocktail "Pina Kolada", a recipe which today knows any decent bartender. The unusual name can only guess the birthplace of the drink - Puerto Rico. Curiously, the literal translation of the name of this cocktail is a clean filtered pineapple. Widely popular in our country, the drink has acquired relatively recently, connoisseurs love it for its pleasant aroma of coconut, sweet taste and moderate strength.

How to make a cocktail of "Pina Colada" at home?

Cocktail Pina Colada Recipe
According to the traditional recipe, the drink containslight and dark rum, pineapple juice with pulp, coconut syrup, lime and ice. To prepare one serving, you should pour half a glass of juice into the blender, 50 grams of white rum and 15 grams of dark, and also two spoons of lime juice. Then add the crushed ice to taste and whip all the ingredients. Serve in a direct high glass or fouger-tulip. The traditional "Pina Colada" cocktail, the recipe of which you can read above, can be decorated with slices of fresh pineapple and umbrellas, do not forget to place a straw in the wine glass for the convenience of drinking. If the drink seems to you not cool enough, you can add a few whole ice cubes to it.

Pina Colada Cocktail: a non-alcoholic recipe for self-cooking

Pine colada cocktail recipe non-alcoholic
Not everyone likes alcoholic drinks, nor canforget that in some situations, drinking alcohol is simply unacceptable. But why give up a tasty cool drink, if you can please yourself with a non-alcoholic "Pina Colada"? To make a cocktail you will need pineapple juice, coconut syrup and a little cream of moderate liquid. In a blender or shaker, you need to mix 80 grams of juice, 20 - syrup and 30 - cream, add crushed ice and shake. Before serving, cocktail can be decorated with fresh fruit pieces.

Alternative recipes of a favorite drink

How to make a colada pint cocktail
If at your fingertips there was no lime and darkrum, you can prepare a cocktail by mixing pineapple juice, light rum and coconut syrup. Keep the proportions of the first recipe, and you will get a simpler preparation for the drink, devoid of citrus bitterness. Some bartenders prefer to slightly reduce the amount of rum and maintain the fortress of the drink with coconut liqueur instead of syrup - this is also the "Pina Colada" cocktail. Recipe can be slightly modified and to your own taste. For example, it is allowed to add a little bit of baily. Recipes in which "Pina Colada" is added with a strawberry liqueur or syrup are also very popular. Do not be afraid of experiments, and eventually you will find your unique recipe, which will become your business card.

For the preparation of this cocktail followsuse rum bacardi, only in this case the ready-made drink will not be too sweet. If you want to make the drink less luscious, try adding a little sprite or shveps to it. If you do not have time to spend time preparing, look for liquor in stores that has the same taste as the "Pina Colada" cocktail. The recipe of the drink according to the assurances of the producers is as close as possible to the home variant, its taste qualities will surely please you, too.

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