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Best restaurants in Kaluga: TOP-5

Kaluga is not a very large city, located incentral Russia. The number of residents here does not even reach 350 thousand, so we can conclude that the city is not popular, but there are its sights and very interesting places that will not leave you indifferent. Well, today we will not talk about this.

Right now we will talk about the best restaurants in the city, which everyone is simply obliged to visit. Ready? Then we can proceed.

Restaurant "Baden-Baden" - delicious, high-quality and inexpensive!

This institution by right takes first place in our list, because it is here that every visitor will enjoy.

Restaurants in Kaluga

If you want to hold a good event, be sure to come to Baden-Baden. There is a very large banquet hall, where almost every day passes through several important events.

In this modest restaurant there are realprofessionals. Cooks prepare the perfect dishes that you want to try. In the bar you can order any drink that you want. Staff here is always sociable and polite, waiters will be happy to help you choose the delicious dish.

The capacity of the main hall of the restaurant is 60 people, so that even a large-scale event can be held in Baden-Baden.

The average check in this restaurant is about 1.5 thousand rubles. The cost of a business lunch is more than democratic - about 100 rubles.

Many restaurants in Kaluga, the menu in which is not as diverse as here, did not hit our TOP for this very reason.

Most visitors rate the institution highly. There are practically no negative reviews about this restaurant.

"Tea house" - popular European dishes!

This is a modern enough institution, whichopened in Kaluga not so long ago. The chef daily pleases visitors with new dishes of Uzbek, European and, of course, Pan-Asian cuisines, prepared in the most unique ways.

Restaurants in Kaluga: menu

Comfortable furniture, pleasant and sociable staff, incredibly tasty food, breathtaking drinks, excellent second courses and much more are waiting for you in one of the best restaurants in the city.

Thanks to the fact that each waiter is attached to each table, you do not have to wait for an order for hours. Staff always performs their work quickly, so you will be satisfied.

Similar restaurants in Kaluga, photos of which you will find in this article, are not as popular as "Chayhana", however we strongly recommend to visit them.

The average check here goes for about 1200 rubles, and you can order a banquet for 150-200 people.

On Friday and Saturday in the restaurant "Chayhana" specially for visitors live music.

Restaurant "Cuckoo" - fast, high quality, delicious!

This is one of the oldest similar establishments inKaluga. The restaurant was built in 1862, but, of course, there was already enough restructuring, resulting in a modern place for a pleasant stay.

Restaurants in Kaluga: photos

An excellent view from the windows of the establishment,high-quality service, comfortable furniture, sociable staff, respected visitors and stunning dishes from the chef will turn your holiday into a fairy tale.

Restaurant provides organization servicesany kind of banquets, anniversaries, receptions, parties for children and all other events. Another advantage of the institution is the constant availability of live music, and yet we all know that it is more pleasant to eat wonderful melodies.

There are two separate halls here, one ofwhich is a tavern with a capacity of 50 people, and the other - a restaurant for 80 people. In the warm season, you can spend your banquet on the summer veranda, where approximately 40 people can sit.

As for the feedback from visitors, they are mostly positive.

Well, we continue to consider the cafes and restaurants of Kaluga, which you simply have to visit.

"Scarlet Sails" - expensive, but delicious!

This modest establishment is part of a fairly popular hotel complex, so this place is so visited. Dinner here can be like a guest hotel, and any other guest.

Cafes and Restaurants in Kaluga

Here you can try not only the dishes of Russian cuisine, but also Italian, Mexican and even French dishes cooked by the chefs of the establishment.

And do you know that every day the chef of the restaurant prepares unique author's dishes, which you can taste only in the Scarlet Sails?

Many restaurants in Kaluga, reviews about which are mostly positive, are included in this TOP, so you can safely get together and go to dinner at any of the listed institutions, you will definitely like it!

"Black Bull" - only delicious dishes!

This is a very popular cafe in Kaluga, where you can taste the best meat dishes, cooked according to the unique recipes of the chef. Having come here once, you will definitely want to visit again.

Sociable and friendly staff, comfortable furniture, unique interior and, of course, the best meat dishes - something without which your holiday is impossible in "Myasoedoff".

Restaurants in Kaluga: reviews

If you really want to try perfectly cooked meat, then be sure to come here, because only here you can have a good time, eating incredibly tasty dishes.

There are negative reviews about this institution, but there are much more positive ones.


In this small review on the best restaurantsKaluga was represented by 5 institutions, which are recommended for a visit. In these places you can taste the most delicious dishes, enjoy high-quality and fast service, make sure that restaurants can prepare truly home-made food. And you will definitely come back to repeat the unforgettable dinner.

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