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Cheese in the multivark - the most delicious and healthy treat!

Cheese in the multivariate turns tender and tasty, andmost importantly - useful. This is due to the fact that the self-prepared dairy product uses only natural ingredients that are gentle heat treatment, preserving all the available vitamins and nutrients.

cheese in the multivariate

However, before preparing the cheese inmultivark, you should always think about which product you want to receive as a result. Indeed, by today, a huge number of recipes have been developed, which differ not only in the types of basic ingredients, but also in the way of heat treatment.

Home-made cheese in a multivariate: necessary products

  • milk slightly sour - three liters;
  • chicken egg - three small pieces;
  • salt is cooked - twenty grams.

Cheese in the multivariate from sour milk: the process of cooking

For the preparation of such a product is bestuse slightly acidic fatty milk. However, you should make sure that it does not have time to separate from the serum. Thus, the product must be poured into the capacity of the kitchen unit, and then separately beat up three small chicken eggs together with salt and gently pour them into the same container. All the ingredients should be mixed with a spoon, and then close the multivarker cover and set the baking mode to twenty minutes. After the time has elapsed, the finished mass should be poured into a colander, which must first be covered with a thick gauze. Further, the edges of the fabric should be firmly tied with a rope and put it together with the contents under the press. It is desirable to keep a dairy product under oppression as long as possible. After all, in this case the cheese will acquire the proper firmness and will be very similar to the cheese.

Cheese in a multivarquet from a special starter: the necessary ingredients

  • homemade cheese in a multivariate
    milk fat - three liters;
  • a special starter for home-made cheeses (preferably "Meito") - 1/20 of the package;
  • warm boiled water - four tablespoons;
  • salt cooked - two small spoons (can be less).

Cheese in the Multivariate: the process of cooking

Three liters of fatty milk is required to be poured into the dishesmultivark and in the appropriate mode ("Heating") to bring it to forty degrees. Then you need to take a special enzyme for cooking homemade cheeses and dissolve it in four tablespoons of warm boiled water. After that, the liquid with the ferment must be carefully poured into the milk and mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

how to cook cheese in a multivariate
Then you need to close the cover of the kitchendevice and withstand the same milk regimen for about an hour and a half. After the time has elapsed, the resulting mass should be carefully kneaded in a multivark, and then still insist two or three hours before the complete separation of the whey. If necessary, salt can also be added to the milk mixture.

Once the base for the cheese is ready, itsit is required to throw in a colander with gauze, drain all whey, and then put under pressure. It should be noted that the longer lies the cooked cheese with the press, the more firm and tasty it will be.

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