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Details on how to clean the broomstick correctly

How to clean a pomelo quickly and without much effort? The answer to the question you ask can be found below. And before this it is worthwhile to tell about what this fruit represents and where it grows.

how to clean a pomelo

General information

Pomelo (photo of the product you cansee in this article) knowingly called the "king" of all existing citrus fruits. After all, its giant size, sweetness, juiciness and pronounced aroma simply eclipse the rest of the fruit. It should be noted that pomelo can be huge (almost with a soccer ball), and slightly smaller (in the form of a large grapefruit). However, their taste is practically the same. As for the color of the fruit, its color may also be different (from dark green to bright yellow or coral).

At present, growing pomelo is activeare engaged in South China, Thailand, Taiwan, the south of Japan, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the islands of Tahiti and Israel. In small quantities, such fruit grows in other countries with a warm climate (for example, in the USA, or rather in California).

How to clean the pomelo? This question is of interest to almost everyone who decided to eat this product. After all, the skin of this citrus is much thicker than that of an orange or mandarin. That's why with his cleaning often there are difficulties.

Choosing the right product and preparing it

Do not know how to clean the pomelo? To begin with, it should be purchased and prepared. It should be noted that the most delicious, juicy and sweet fruit is dense, not soft and loose citrus. It is recommended to choose it by weight. The heavier the pomelo, the fresh and tastier the product will be.

After purchase, the fruit is preferably well washed in warm water, using a stiff cloth for this.

Pomelo (fruit): how to clean at home?

pomelo pictures

There are several ways how to clean the presented product from the peel. Let's consider some of them.

It is required to take a sharp knife, and then at an angle in45 degrees gently remove from the pomelo skin on a spiral motion. This method is often used to clean apples or pears. However, for citrus fruits, it also fits.

After the done actions at the top of the fruita small depression is formed. In it, you need to shove the thumbs of both hands, and then immediately pull the peeled peel off in different directions. To carry out this procedure is necessary until the product breaks up into two equal halves. In the same way, you should also divide all other segments of the fruit. Then, with each piece of pomelo, you need to carefully remove the thin film, slightly poddev her sharp knife. As a result of the described actions, you should only have a juicy, sweet and tasty pulp of useful citrus.

pomelo fruit how to clean

Another way

To clean such a fruit, it is necessary to cutit along along four parts, and then take one quarter of the hand, insert a sharp knife between the flesh of the pomelo and the skin, gently cut off the tuberous crust along with the membranes. As a result, you get the same piece, but without the surface layer. After this, it is required in turn to establish the tip of the knife in each lobule and cut out the flesh, leaving an intact thin bitter film. Thus, similar actions should be done with all the other pieces of pomelo.


Now you know how to clean the broomstick correctly. It should also be noted that the presented citrus can be consumed both in cheese and in thermally processed form. By the way, in Thailand this fresh fruit is eaten with chili and salt, in China such fruits are presented to each other for the New Year as a symbol of prosperity and prosperity, and in the north of Vietnam broomstick is put on the festive altar. As for our country, most people use this citrus for making fruit and other salads, as well as for making home-made desserts.

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