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How to cook chicken hearts in sour cream sauce in a cartoon

How many chicken hearts are cooked in a multivark? This question is asked by many housewives, who recently purchased this useful kitchen unit. As a rule, by-products are prepared in such an instrument as much as for gas. However, this dish is more delicious and delicate. After all, the multivariate processes all products under high pressure, but at low power.

How to cook chicken hearts: the necessary ingredients for a dish

how to cook chicken hearts
The preparation of this dish will require the following products:

  • 30% cream - 500 ml;
  • fresh leaves of parsley and dill - on a small beam;
  • wheat flour - 1-2 small spoons;
  • chicken freshly frozen hearts - 1-1,5 kg (depending on the number of guests or household members);
  • tomato paste - 20 g;
  • salt - half a spoon;
  • Sunflower oil - 40 ml;
  • ground pepper - 3 pinch;
  • sour cream is thick - half a jar;
  • hard cheese - 120 g;
  • leeks - a few beams.

How to cook chicken hearts: processing of by-products

A kilogram of freshly frozen chicken hearts followsget out of the freezer and wait until they completely melt. After that, the by-product needs to be rinsed in warm water, and then cleaned of various wreaths, veins and other unnecessary elements. Then the hearts should be rinsed again and, if necessary, cut in half.

how much to cook chicken hearts
How to cook chicken hearts: preparation of a dairy sauce

For such a delicious and delicate dish, it is recommendedmake a thick and thick milk sauce. Thus, in a large bowl, pour all 500 ml of 30% cream, add half of the sour cream jar to them, and pour in wheat flour. After that, the mixture must be beaten with a blender or a hand-made corolla. Also for the preparation of such a dish, you should rinse the arrows of leeks and fresh fresh herbs in warm water, and then chop them with a sharp knife.

We cook chicken hearts in a multivariate

Before making such a dinner, it is recommendedseparately fry the hearts in this kitchen appliance. To do this, the meat should be put in a bowl, sprinkled with ground pepper, 40 milliliters of sunflower oil and iodized salt. All the ingredients must be mixed and then closed and cooked in the baking mode for exactly 15 minutes.

How to cook chicken hearts: the final stage

we cook chicken hearts in a multivariate
After the by-product is fried from allsides, it needs to be stirred again with a spoon, and then pour before it the previously prepared milk sauce. Next, the multivark needs to be closed and put in the quenching mode for 50 minutes. At the end of time, chicken hearts in sour cream sauce should be mixed, sprinkled with leeks, greens, tomato paste and grated cheese. To ensure that the dish has completely absorbed the aroma of these ingredients, it is recommended to leave it in the heating mode for another 20 minutes.

Correct feed to the table

Chicken hearts in a creamy sauce can be served for dinner and as a separate delicious dish, and as a goulash for mashed potatoes, potatoes, buckwheat porridge or boiled rice. Bon Appetit!

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