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Delicious mead at home. Recipe without yeast, learn from us!

How to prepare mead without yeast, you need to knowthose who wish to try the legendary old Russian drink, which was used (in moderation) by the princes of Kievan Rus at their feasts. At that time, the culture of modern yeast had not yet been identified (they appeared only in the twentieth century), so fermentation took place naturally.

mead at home recipe without yeast
Mead without yeast and boiling until nowis done on individual apiaries (especially Old Believers). For her, take a kilogram of lime honey (2 or 3 liters of spring water!), A handful of sprouted wheat for every liter of the beverage (sprout three days before the start of cooking). Half of the wheat needs to be ground, the other - left as is. All components are mixed and left for a week or more for fermentation.

When the fermentation processes are over, the liquidwill acquire a pleasant aroma. It must be separated from grains, bottled and allowed to settle (it is drained). Such a mead at home (recipe without yeast) will turn out to be the color of a noble white wine. In it you can add perga, which will add flavor and taste. Drink with perga to periodically shake, resulting in some of the additional ingredients will dissolve. The resulting "honey" is filtered and left to stand in a cool place. The longer it is stored (in Russia there were honey with a period of 40-50 years), the better it becomes.

mead without yeast and boiling
How else can a mead be prepared inhome conditions? A recipe without yeast can be used in the summer when there is a fresh cherry (it is more fragrant than frozen). One share of honey is taken with two parts of water and 2-2.5 parts of cherry. From the water and honey, syrup is cooked and cooled. A cherry without pits is placed on the bottom of a keg or a bottle with a narrow throat and is filled with honey decoction. The drink wanders for three days under a wet cloth, after which the neck should be plugged with a canvas and rendered cold for ripening. Cherry mead will be ready in three months, but its taste also only improves with the passage of time.

how to prepare mead without yeast
You want to know how else it is just preparingmead at home? The recipe without yeast does suggest some squirrel components, in which case the ferment of forest raspberries acts in this case. For infusion, take one piece of honey, 4 parts of boiled water at room temperature, the same is added to raspberries. The mixture wanders for a couple of weeks at a temperature of about 25 ° C, then bottled and ripens for a couple of months at a temperature of about 17 ° C. Capacities can be taken plastic, but glass jars are optimal. Drink used in a cooled form.

What is the mead at home? The recipe without yeast assumes that the drink will come out exclusively eco-friendly, useful (contains all the valuable components of honey) and low-grade. The strength of the mead is about 10-16 degrees, but its use has such a feature as a strong muscle weakness in the absence of a hangover syndrome the next morning. Honey bra, as they say in the people, "hits the legs."

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