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How to salt lightly salted cucumbers in a jar and in a package

How to salt the freshly salted cucumber correctly? It is interesting to learn about this for each young hostess. After all, this is a traditional dish - a great snack for strong alcoholic beverages. And also a common component of various salads. Lightly salted cucumbers, the recipes of which are given below, can become an excellent addition to the dishes from potatoes.

how to salt light-salted cucumber
They excite the appetite and have a beneficial effect on digestion.

How to salt a freshly salted cucumber: choice and preparation

First you need to buy suitable vegetables. Successful cucumbers are already half the success. They are easy to prepare for salting, and they look much more aesthetic. What should be understood as "good" cucumbers? Consider carefully the skin and the form. The color of the cucumber is directly related to its age and variety. Younger vegetables have a bright green color. Yellowish and overgrown cucumbers are unsuitable for preservation. Pay attention to the presence of pimples. If they are black, then cucumbers are perfect for pickling and pickling. Banks with them almost do not have a chance to explode. White pimples come from vegetables that are grown in greenhouses. They can also be used for pickling.

how to pickle cucumber recipe
But their texture is less elastic and crispy. They are softer. In order for the cucumber to crunch well, you must initially choose vegetables with a thicker skin. She has to poke a fingernail with difficulty. To exclude the possibility of buying bitter cucumbers, they need to be tried. Vegetables should be washed only before conservation. Keep in a closed container before you salt, lightly salted cucumber is strongly discouraged. After purchase, they usually stand a day in cold water, often changing it. This helps to remove some of the nitrates from the vegetables that they were processed. And also gives them additional elasticity.

How to salt light-salted cucumbers?

After washing it is necessary to trim the tail part. Where a cucumber is connected to a whip, a large number of harmful substances usually accumulate.

cucumber recipes
Prepare dill, bay leaf, garlic, pepperfragrant and a few buds of cloves. Put dill on the bottom of each can, then lay out (carefully carefully washed) cucumbers and garlic, alternating with a laurel leaf. After all the layers are laid, add the spices. Cook the brine from good clean water. For five liters you need two full handfuls of large salt. Fill cucumbers with hot brine. After filling the jar, it should stand slightly open, and then (from it bubbles will come out) it will be possible to add more liquid. Track the brine color change the next day - it should blush. If this happens, then the canning technology is observed correctly. After the cloudiness of the brine, the jar can be placed in the refrigerator, and its contents consumed in food. There is one more way of how to salt cucumbers. The recipe allows you to prepare them in a package. First you need to cut them into four parts. Put in a bag with dill, garlic and herbs, add salt and close tightly. Cucumbers salted in their own juice.

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