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What does the dead dream about? Dream Interpreter

Interpretation of dreams is an ancient art,which allows you to at least evaluate the psychological status of a person, because dreams are the fruit of the unconscious part of his psyche. As a maximum - they can serve as an omen, a warning, that is, have a mystical component.

The correct interpreter will not give a definitiveThe answer to what was this or that phenomenon. For example, if a person has a dream, the dream book will give a whole range of possible options, from which a person interpreting his night vision will be able to choose the most appropriate nuances and details, based on his context.

dead dream book

Before studying the interpreter, it is important to think: could not something preceded by a dream provoke a visual image in my head? For example, trying to decipher a dream in which the deceased was present, it is necessary to take into account whether the person was watching a movie where the dead person could appear, did not say and did not think on this topic before going to bed.

If there are no such obvious explanations, the appeal to the book of interpretation of dreams is justified.


If a person had a dream, the dream book of Freud,or, as it is called, a psychoanalytic interpreter, advises paying attention to what the sleeper was experiencing at the same time. If a person saw in a dream a deceased person in real life alive, he could wish to come into contact with him, ask questions of interest to him. This suggests that the psychological state of the sleeper is unstable, he is concerned about certain problems, but he can not find the strength to deal with them on his own, therefore he badly needs wise advice or external help.

Appearance in the night dreams of the deceased in the coffinis interpreted as the general negative mood of a person, pessimistic thinking, fear of bad events that have not yet occurred, but, on the deep conviction of the sleeper, they will certainly come.

"Familiar" deceased

For the correct interpretation of the vision of Morpheus, it is importantremember the identity of the character seen in the dream before looking at the interpreter. A dead person, whom the sleeper knows personally, can predict various events depending on who he belongs to and what relationships exist between them.

dream dream book

  • To see the deceased person in the role of the deceased marks an important turn in fate and advises the dreamer to be more careful.
  • To see your child dead - to his long life, and if the child is sick at the time of sleep - to his recovery.
  • Seeing the enemy in the coffin can mean the end of hostility or an easy victory over him in real life.
  • If the person with the sleep was not a man, but an animal, it was a promise to the sleeper, which he could quickly overcome on his own.

About what the dreamer might meanthe deceased, says not only the dream book. "A dead man dreamed alive - ask for advice, ask for help, predictions," - this is the most popular advice of people engaged in occultism and magic.

The stranger in the coffin

To see in a dream a funeral and a dead person - not the mostpleasant impressions, therefore, having woken up, the person feels the desire to open the dream book. The deceased, paradoxically, most of the dream interpretations are interpreted as a harbinger of a pleasant event.

dream-book the dead man came to life in a dream

So, for example, "The Eastern Interpreter of Dreams"promises that a dead person in a dream guarantees success to the new beginnings of the dreamer. Many modern dream books promise after such a vision a pleasant acquaintance or a merry pastime in the company of friends.

When the plot is tied directly at the funeral ceremony, and not at the deceased, the dream-books promise the sleeper an early wedding, and if he is alone, he will meet his fate.


If the dreamed dead man imagined for the sleeperreal threat, tried to catch up with him - the interpreter advises to pay attention to whether he managed to escape from him or not. Thus, if a dream was dreamed, the dream book treats it as a statement of a certain problem.

If a person repulsed the attack, most likely,The exciting problem in life will be overcome. When the sleeper was able to hide or hide - the future trouble will be avoided. Well, in the event that a zombie attacked a person in a dream, and he could not fight back - probably a defeat in the face of problems.

dream dream man dreaming alive

Sometimes such a dream can predict problemswith health. For example, if an animated dead man in a dream tries to take away the heart of a sleeper, this can be a signal to the fact that a person really has problems with the cardiovascular system.

The Voice of the Dead

Sometimes a dream is not only a visual picture,it is also a set of sensations obtained with the help of other senses. For example, a sleeper can hear the voice of the deceased and want to find out what that means, by looking into the dream book. A dead person talking to a sleeper is often mistakenly interpreted as a signal to the fact that the latter is "called to another world".

But most of the interpreters disagree with this belief:

  • Medea's dream book says that such a dream promises that something secret will soon become apparent.
  • Esoteric dream book guarantees peace and quiet in family and love relationships.
  • If the voice of the deceased was sharp, rude, a person might be in for a conflict.

The complexity of interpretation in this case isin that the images in dreams are often blurred, fuzzy. And to remain confident that the voice heard is owned by the deceased person is rather difficult.

Revived the dead man

Sometimes in a dream a dead person can suddenlycome to life, and in this case it should be interpreted in this way, and not as a clash in a dream with a zombie, and it is with such a formulation to read the dream book. The dead man came to life in a dream - a symbol that something lost for the sleeper can return to his life again without effort on his part. It can be a lost friend, a loved one, a job or even some kind of material thing.

dream-book the dead man came to life

As the Old Slavic dream book assures, a dead person dreams of living to change the weather. However, this interpretation gives about half of the ancient writings known today.

Dream Dream Book

People are drawn to the interpretation of the signs of fate, accepts anddreams, when in their heart there is an unresolved problem. For example, lovers are the most numerous part of the category of people who like to read a dream book. A dead man in love predicts betrayal or quarrel if he is in good spirits.

And the aggressive dead man is a symbol of quick passion,which will certainly come between the sleeper and the object of his sighs. However, when the dreamer dreams of the dead, the dream book can interpret this as a sign of spiritual dissatisfaction. And then the seen will not have a mystical meaning, although it can give a sign that the nervous system is not in the best condition.

To what dream book to address?

There is a huge number of dream books thatwere compiled from ancient times by various peoples and specific people. Written and modern interpreters, whose authors believe that with the passage of time, and the signs that predict us some events. If seven centuries ago the dreamed dish with porridge could be a sign of future wealth, then today the parallel between it and the material condition is difficult to conduct.

dream dream man dreamed alive

Specialists advise choosing a book forinterpretation by experience. That is, if a person asks a dream book: "A dead person comes alive - what is it for?" - and receives two or three different answers from different sources, they should be written down, and then check what prediction will come true. Thus one can find out that, for example, Freud's Dream Book perfectly interprets the dreams of a particular person, while Miller's dream interpreter in most cases gives erroneous predictions.

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