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Dreaming of the water is dirty. Dream Interpretation - Dream Interpretation

Water is the source of our life, without whichthe existence of man is impossible. But what does it mean if she saw herself in night dreams? Writing a comprehensive answer to this question will help dream book. What does dirty water dream about? The sleeper, having seen such water, should prepare for troubles in reality, after all it is a symbol of a negative and negative energy. It does not show a change for the better, but it's more about women than men.

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Correct interpretation of sleep can helpprepare even for the most unpleasant situations. If a person ate in the evening something too salty or sweet, then a dream with dirty water could mean nothing. Just thirsty. Of great importance is the day when the water is dirty. The dream interpretation shows that a dream from Thursday to Friday will necessarily predict the fate and come true.

River with dirty water - value

Dirty water in the river promises failures and dangers. To cope with them, the dreamer will need endurance and patience. Great influence is exerted by the flow of the river. Smooth means that the problems will be insignificant, quickly resolved. If on the contrary, you will even have to be a bit nervous. With such a situation it is difficult to cope.

What else can the dream book warn?

  • Bathe in dirty water means to make mistakes that precede suffering and experience.
  • To fall into a dirty river means to get into an unpleasant situation.
  • If the sleeper falls into muddy water and gets pleasure from it, then he will come out of the water and, most likely, push the foreheads of two competing personalities. This person has a tendency to intrigue.
  • Fall into a puddle - to experience grief. Most likely, this person will be seduced with mud. If you have entered a puddle with dirty water, then do the act, which you will later regret.
  • Walking on dirty water - to find happiness, having passed through certain obstacles.
  • Drowning in dirty water means losing hope for an early solution to current problems.
  • The worst dream is to swim in dirty water. A dream interpreter warns about possible accidents. If this is seen, you need to protect yourself and your loved ones as much as possible.

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Well with dirty water

  • Dirty water in the well indicates failures. Starting new business is not worth it.
  • Collect dirty water from the well - to quarrels and gossip.
  • If you are offered a drink, and the water is dirty, the dream book says that you should improve your health and consult a doctor. A timely trip to the doctor will help get rid of the upcoming diseases.
  • If you drink cold, dirty water, then illnesses will bypass you.
  • To drink warm dirty water means a long time to be treated. The more a person drinks, the more serious the disease will be.
  • Pour muddy water - to protect yourself from suffering, grief and misery. What you are tormented will go to the side.

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Tap water

  • Muddy water from the tap indicates gossip and possible disagreements with loved ones. Ahead - the experience and tears.
  • To see the dirty water in the bath means that there is evil in your environment. The more water - the more enemies and ill-wishers in the dreamer.
  • If such water flows from the shower - it means that you contacted the fraudsters or fraudsters, who, most likely, had something to do with you.
  • To wash with this water is to succumb to troubles.
  • Burn yourself with dirty water - suffer losses due to your own negligence.
  • Wet your feet in such water - to poverty and poverty.
  • And what if the glass is dirty in the glass? Dream interpretation hints at the upcoming troubles. If a woman saw such water - in front of her waiting for quarrels and disagreements with her husband.
  • If a woman in the presence of her husband is drenched in mud with dirty water, then envious people want to destroy the relationship in pairs.

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The color of the dreamed water

Water of black color is a symbol of tears,disappointments and losses. The situation can get out of control, there will be some unforeseen circumstances that will not please. Fate prepared a series of failures. If the sleeper sees in a dream how he is washing in such water, he can soon get rid of the problems and experiences that tormented him recently.

Rusty water is alarming. It is worth getting accustomed to others. Perhaps, some kind of machination is being prepared against you. Bathe in rusty water - to a sharp deterioration in health, choking - even worse. To see, but not to touch it - means the dreamer will witness an unpleasant situation, but all bad things will bypass him. If in a dream you see how clear, transparent water becomes rusty, then the thing that should have been successful will fail and cause damage. If you observe how it flows from the earth, then some long forgotten event of an unpleasant nature will soon emerge.

There was a liquid of yellow color, besides, the water is dirty? The dream book promises that this is a sign of treason and illness.

Do not forget that a bad dream is not a reasonsad and limp. Man himself is the master of his destiny, the interpretation of dreams will only help to avoid the approaching problems and make the right decision.

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