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Why dream of a white cat? Interpretation of dreams

Our cat favorites always caused a lot ofcontradictory judgments. At first glance, they are insanely beautiful, affectionate and graceful, but at the same time they belong to the camp of predators. This fluffy lump cleverly scratches the enemy's eyes and, if necessary, puts into play sharp teeth. If you are interested in knowing what the white cat is dreaming about, join us in reading our article.

What does a white cat dream about?

General Judgment of Interpreters

Interpreters of dreams endure a disappointing verdict: sleep, where the protagonist is this pretty fluffy creature with a gentle white color, does not bode well. Why do cats have such a bad name? All because their image is associated with feelings and the sphere of intuition. Attributes of the predator and the wayward nature of the animal make them fear. In general, a white cat, seen in a dream, is a bad sign. Nevertheless, do not worry much, because to see the animal of black color so unloved in folk folklore is much worse.

Wangi's Dream

The great Bulgarian clairvoyant interprets this imageAs a harbinger of troubles, scandals and other negativity. If you are "lucky" to see a whole flock of white creatures, you will soon come across an irresponsible disgrace, gossip, discredit from the public, and you will be very ashamed of your actions.

Dream Interview Cat

If a person tries to catch a fluffy person in a dreamwhite animal, this means that soon he will have to meet in real life with an extraordinary personality, who has his own tough opinion, authority among people, but endowed with selfishness. Perhaps this person will somehow be able to influence the future fate of the dreamer.

Sonnik Miller

The scientist and psychoanalyst Gustav Miller is not aloneI gave ten years to the interpretation of words. His interpretations are based not on intuition or popular signs, they have under their own well-founded, scientific underpinnings. The scientist claims that the dream, where the main character is a white cat, is a messenger of trouble and failure. It is very bad if the animal behaves aggressively towards the dreamer. Miller believes that these enemies are building a man of intrigue and are happy with what he has done. If we could manage our dreams, it would be nice to drive the angry animal away or even kill it. Miller's dream interpretation interprets such actions as a successful overcoming of future misfortunes.

Not always cats in a dream appear before us in thegroomed pious form. Sometimes they just hurt to watch - they are shabby, hungry and pathetic. An unhealthy animal bears the news of the imminent illness of a friend or relative. If the dreamer still manages to drive away this "misunderstanding" from him, then a sick friend in real life will necessarily recover. Any actions made in a dream by a white cat are treated to scientists as troubles, confusion, enemy intrigues and confusion in matters.

Sonnik Miller

Esoteric dream book

We continue to find out what the white cat is dreaming about. The esoteric dream book is based on signs and mystical assumptions. Esotericists believe that the white cat symbolizes a flattery ingratiating person. In real life, such a person pursues his own selfish goals in relations with the dreamer. Such a dream can be considered a warning. Look closely at your surroundings, even if not quite close. Perhaps someone just came out to contact you. Stay away from such ingratiating and flattering personalities. In any case, if a person is warned, it means that he is armed. Look into the negative interpretations deeper, and you will certainly benefit from it.

Sonny Hasse

The medium of Miss Hasse drew information from the numbers andhas developed a whole system for predictions. At one time her theories and interpretations of dreams were very popular in the vastness of the Soviet Union. So, what does a white cat dream about, based on the principles of informative substantiation? A white cat that meets you in a dream, warns that in real life someone is plotting a grand deception.

White cat in a dream
You will try to cheat, then you need to keep an earvostro. If the animal behaves aggressively towards the dreamer, scratches or tries to bite him, then the beginnings of this person in real life will be misunderstood by the public or taken at all sharply, in bayonets. In this case, we will not advise you to abandon your plans, just be patient. Several cats of white color - this is a great rarity in life. But in a dream it is better not to see such a picture. This means that someone from your closest associates started meanness, deception or betrayal.

David Loff, dream book: cats in a dream

Another famous scientist and psychologist of the pastcentury, David Loff, believed that there are as many interpretations on earth as there are people. In other words, the same story for different people can be treated differently. The scientist claims that every dream is unique. However, he did draw some general points. Based on the mystical and totem features of this animal, this dream can be viewed as a message from above. A dreamer in real life must rely on his own intuition. Also, it is likely that a person may soon have a gift for clairvoyance or a passion for learning new sciences and knowledge. As you can see, this is the only popular dream book that claims that to see a white cat in a dream does not bode ill.

To dream a white cat

Dream Book of Meneghetti

According to the doctor of philosophy, clinicalpsychotherapist Antonio Meneghetti, cats have adapted to exist next to people solely for selfish purposes. They need food and warmth. If such a dream is seen by a man, then he obeys without question the mother or wife. However, the woman, in turn, does not appreciate this. The apparent softness and tenderness of a cat is in fact nothing more than female lust, mental exhaustion of a partner and aggression. Such an interesting interpretation is given by our final dream book. Cats in a dream, which a woman sees, indicate to her that she is not at all a mistress of the situation, but only a toy in the hands of an adroit manipulator.

Cat with kittens

And finally about the pleasant. In life, cats are compassionate and caring mothers. If you have seen a pregnant cat, then in a long time you will provide yourself with profit or energy to develop new horizons. In general, a pregnant cat is a rather positive sign. It represents a balance in life, pleasant bonuses and rewards, as well as opening up new prospects.

Sleep white cat with kittens

To see the giving birth to a cat means that the callinga dreamer can bring him a good profit. In any case, it's a good dream. A white cat, with kittens playing, tells you that soon you can roll mountains. Also, a dreamer will be able to curb violent disposition, passions and dependencies.

We hope that our publication devoted to the theme "What does a white cat dream about?" Proved useful to readers.

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