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Dream Interpretation: What is the dream of ticks?

The tick is very unpleasant, and sometimesdangerous, insect, which in our time, unfortunately, can be found almost everywhere. What can we expect if we saw a tick in a dream? Basically, all the dream books agree that the dreamed tick does not bode well. For details we turn to various well-known sources, among which is Miller's most complete dream book. In addition, we learn how the family dream book, the modern dream book of the Wanderer, and other specialized sources interpret the image of the tick.

what does the mites look like?

What does the mites look like?: a new family dream book

If in a dream it seems to you that your bodycrawl these little insects, then in real life you can expect very unpleasant turns of fate. There is a possibility of a serious illness of one of the close relatives, as a result of which you will have to spend a lot of time at the bedside of the patient. If you dream that you deliberately or unintentionally crushed a tick, then in the future you can expect betrayal not only from enemies or enemies, but also a person close to you, from which you would expect this behavior in the last place. If in a dream you see an insect of a huge size, then you are threatened with dispossession. Therefore, be very careful, even signing at first glance, minor papers and documents.

full dream book

What does the mites look like?: dream book of Miller

In many respects this dream book is in solidarity with the new familydream book, so in this paragraph we give only the additions available in Miller's dream book. Crawling in the sleep on the body ticks are harbingers not only of adverse circumstances, but also health problems in the one who dreams of such a dream.

What does the mites look like?: modern dream book

If the main characters in a dream are smallmites, then such a dream is a harbinger of frequent illnesses and unpleasant life situations. If you dreamed that a lot of small insects are running around the body, in reality you are most likely trying to do everything at once and do several things at the same time, which negatively affects the concentration of attention. Try to reconsider your priorities, as chasing two hares, you risk not catching any of them.

ticks in a dream

What does the mites look like?: Wanderer's dream book

If mites in a dream jump on you from the grass, thenBe prepared for illnesses or unpleasant situations that cause painful sensations. Also, perhaps you are waiting for some stunning news and news that will force you to radically change your own life, unfortunately, not for the better.

In general, we see that ticks in a dream area bad sign. If you dream about these unpleasant little insects, try to protect yourself as much as possible in real life, taking care of your own health and paying special attention to your environment and affairs, and in particular to the signed documents and new ventures. The main thing is do not tune yourself to negative time ahead of time, because the images that we see in dreams are often just a warning that a person should take into account.

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