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Prayer for reconciliation with her husband. When and how to read the prayers correctly

Married life is full of not only joys. There are quarrels, misunderstandings, scandals and much that is unpleasant. Of course, a woman can not tolerate such a situation or let her go. The prayer for reconciliation with the husband helps many people to rectify the situation. The matter for a believing person is ordinary. Only now not everyone knows what words to pray for the preservation of the family. Let's take a closer look.

prayer for reconciliation with husband

When a Prayer Is Read

We need to understand: conversation with the Lord is always appropriate. He is always near his children. And nothing prevents him from telling him the problems, expressing what is painful. Especially when the soul is torn from suffering. Women mistakenly believe that the prayer for reconciliation with the husband is pronounced necessarily in the church. In fact, there are no such restrictions. The temple is not a building. Remember what Jesus said. He called the temple of the soul of believers, who jointly fulfill the covenants, praying, helping each other to struggle with life's difficulties. Why postpone an important conversation until the time when you can break out into the church? Pray when you feel the need, feel unhappy, hurt. The very appeal to the Lord or the Theotokos will give strength, help you feel more confident. It's wonderful to realize that there is support when the closest person turned away, became alien and cold for a while.

a prayer for a husband

How to Read Prayers at Home

The mood for talking with the Lord is important. The prayer for reconciliation with the husband is not a conspiracy and not some kind of magic. It is a rush of the soul of an unhappy woman. Therefore, it should be read sincerely. Perhaps there is no other strict rule. Try to understand, feel a connection with God. In order for the prayer for her husband to help, only this is necessary. He, as a kind and fair father, constantly watches over your destiny, tries to lead unnoticed to the right decision, to put into your mouth those words that will lead to reconciliation.

Immersed in their grievances and anxieties, the woman does notnotices this. In my head there are constantly recollections of what my husband did, said how he slammed the door or something like that. These thoughts are from the evil one. They only strengthen the separation between spouses, prevent to regain harmony. Therefore, before the prayer for reconciliation with the husband is pronounced, the head is released. Will you say that it is very difficult, almost impossible? In fact, there are special attributes that help to be distracted for a while.

Tune in to prayer with candles. Light them and look at the light. Do not notice how the thoughts will calm down, the aggression will evaporate, the soul will rush to the necessary conversation. That's when you start praying. Sometimes, however, there is no time. Then read the words, regardless of the mood. The text itself, if you do not mumble, and ponder, will turn off the black stream in your head.

a strong prayer for reconciliation with her husband

Strong prayer for reconciliation with her husband

Women who have not received religious education,face the problem of text. In the people it is believed that the appeal to the Lord can only be special, that is, the prayer for the husband is what is written in the church book. This opinion is completely unreasonable. If in doubt, go to your father and talk about it. Any religious figure will say that prayer is a call from the soul. In what words you are using them, it is not important. They must be open and sincere, pure and humble. The strongest prayer is that in which there are no words.

Pride is an obstacle to reconciliation

People can achieve a state of totalLord. Then the need for a prayer-book disappears. Thoughts, intentions, sensations are directly transmitted to God. This is the most powerful prayer. In a calm and humble assurance that the Heavenly Father is near, ask for reconciliation. He will certainly hear and direct. And your business is not to prevent what will happen next, to throw away pride. It does not mean consent to humiliation, but quite another. Do not build in the head of events, as should be done by the spouse. The Lord will push him to those words and actions, which for you two these days are the most correct. If you stand up, demand an apology or bouquets, nothing will come of it. This is the manifestation of pride, sin, you understand.

prayer from quarrels with husband

The text of the prayer

To obtain the above-described connection with the Lordgreat work is needed. What a sin to conceal, not every woman is capable of it. Yes, and come up with the words of communication with the Almighty stir doubts. And when the head is crammed with thoughts about the likely full break with the spouse, not to speculation about what and how to say. Everyone who has experienced a more or less serious quarrel knows this. Therefore, here is the text recommended in this case. Here it is: "Our Blessed Lady, Virgin Mary, Mother of God! Give it to me, servant of the Lord (name), your grace! Teach how to strengthen peace in the family, pride to humble, get it. Ask the Lord our forgiveness for his sinful slaves (his and his husband's). In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen! "Remember: a quarrel is a denial of God. He gave you each other, and you try to argue, tear, break this heavenly blessing.

on the preservation of the family

Is it worth waiting for a quarrel?

Here, perhaps, it is necessary to return to the questionpride. Why can not people find a common language? Why do they say bad things to each other in very unpleasant terms on high tones? The thing is that everyone thinks of himself as the center of the universe, does not want to reckon with a partner. Because scandals, quarrels and divorces are obtained. To think about this, the woman relies first. The Lord created her meek, gentle and very wise. Do not shift the care of family harmony to the spouse. Agree, he has so many worries. A man must earn money so that the family does not suffer. And to suppress the ardor of scandals, to prevent its appearance is a woman's duty. For this, too, go to the Lord. There is a special prayer from quarrels with the husband. It is read in advance so that the conflict passes your nest, was blown away and dissolved without beginning.

prayer for the husband to love

To keep the harmony (prayer)

"Lord Jesus Christ, everlasting Mary!" In heaven live, for us sinners watch, help in the burdens of the world! They married their husbands and wives, they commanded to live in peace, to keep the pigeon's fidelity, never to swear, to not throw black words. You praise, angels heavenly singing to rejoice, children to give birth and they at once engage in. It is God's word to bear, to be together in sorrow and joy. Give us peace and tranquility! To love the pigeon did not pass, but hatred, black passion and trouble in the house did not find the way! Lord, fence us from the evil man, the eyes of the evil, damned act, the thoughts of grievous, miserable misery. Amen!"

When to say a prayer for quarrels?

Again, back to the beginning. We are all protected by the Lord. It can only be interrupted when the person turns away from him. This means that prayer is always appropriate and necessary. Have risen in the morning - do not be too lazy, bow to icons and read the text from quarrels. And if you feel dissatisfied with your spouse, pray again. Support of the Heavenly Father will come as soon as you ask. That's why I have to talk to him constantly. By the way, eventually you will reach the very condition when the feeling of God's support will never leave your soul. And more importantly, when you read prayers, ask for peace in the family, do not try to mentally make claims to the Almighty. He, believe me, does everything to make you feel good. This should be accepted with gratitude and humility.

how to read the prayers at home

How to keep the love of the spouse?

And at the very end, let's talk about where to startwise woman. She does not wait for the relationship to crack. The real spouse works on their strengthening constantly, not allowing even the opportunity to cool down the feelings of the spouse, which leads to discontent and scandals. About this duty, the wife was told to each girl before. Only now in vogue is emancipation and gender equality. But if you want to preserve happiness in the family, then forget about these newfangled trends. Let the prayer, that the husband loved, breaks off your lips more often than words about money, career growth or other worldly achievements. They will attach if the couple go together hand in hand, and do not swear, trying to pull everyone in their direction.

Ask what exactly to say? Turn to the Theotokos, the protector of women and mothers. Tell her from the heart of her word. Ask for blessing and support. Let it strengthen your patience, humility and tenderness. It depends on the woman which husband she sees. About that to save the Mother of God from pride, pushing to mistakes and misses, pray. And everyone will be rewarded according to their deserts!

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