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Signs and superstitions: which hand to take the money, which one to give?

Our ancestors, grandmothers and grandfathers knew exactly howproperly lend and give money and do not bear any damage. What are the secrets of such a successful financial solution? Which hand to take money, which one to give? This is exactly what will be discussed below.

We borrow money correctly

In this case, our ancestors said thatborrow or take loans in the evening time is not necessary - it is after this money simply cease to be kept in the house, pocket and purse. If the situation is urgent, and money is simply needed desperately, then the one who gives them should put the bills just on the floor, and the one who occupies them should be lifted from the floor. Do not pass money in the evening from hand to hand, and you should not do this with the waning moon - the finances will simply be constantly decreasing from your own pockets and purses.

what hand do you take money for?

How to properly lend

In this respect, it is worthwhile to takearming the common sense - you should not lend money to a person if you are not sure that they will be returned to you. At the same time, if you do not succeed in refusing, and you really need the money, lend the amount that, even if you do not return, will not be particularly affected by your budget.

How to properly repay an existing debt

At the very beginning, it is necessary to take as a rule thatall debts should be given in due time - otherwise everyone has a chance to lose both confidence in their person, and their good name among people close to you. The second condition for the correct return of money is a double-folded bill, which should be given exactly as a collapsed end forward. This is how you will not cut off the cash flows that karma has sent down from above, and the finances will return to your home again. What hand do you take and give money to the seller? With any purchase at a retail outlet or simply by lending, it is worth keeping a bill in your left hand, and accepting it solely on the right.

 what hand to take and give money

Manipulation of finances from the standpoint of energy flows

Many people in their lives took or gavedebt - friends, neighbors or relatives acted as sponsors or debtors. And in this respect it often does not matter which sum is involved - any financial outflow is subject to strict astrological and astronomical algorithms, which can be verified by experience. Often there are situations when a small amount of money is lent, but after that a person has a black streak - financial losses, losses, difficulties in doing business, and so on.

When such a situation is considered from the standpointbioenergetic flows - you can talk about certain conclusions. When a man at the subconscious level envies and destroys these biofilm negative thoughts of the person giving money, then the sponsor of the beggar stands in the days of the lunar calendar, when the outflow of energy in the financial spheres is going on. That's right, at the level of the subconscious, and many scammers act - in this case they say that went fart.

what hand should I take to give money

Favorable dates for financial transactions

Which hand to take money, which one to give instore, on the market - you already know. Now let's talk about the time that is favorable for financial transactions. Do you want to know how to easily return all your debts and at the same time get a certain amount of money from borrowed money? Then remember: you need to give money at a certain moment. So, the optimal for borrowing and repaying a debt, getting to your asset profits are the 2nd, 8th, 24th, 27th day of the lunar calendar. When the full moon falls on the 14th day - this is also a favorable date, especially if the finances are allocated for the development of their own business or a new direction in the development of their business.

And on the contrary, it is not necessary to lend certainamounts, large or small - it does not matter on Monday or Sunday - these are unsuccessful days for any financial transactions. In addition, it is better to lend money with a growing moon, and give - when the night star decreases, when you will not have to decrease, but the creditor.

what hand should I give and take money

The most unfavorable dates for financial transactions

Which hand to take money, which one to give? In which days can you make important financial transactions? This is all the knowledge that you need to master if you want to achieve monetary prosperity. But that is not all. It is important to know about those days when it is extremely undesirable to commit any financial transactions. Speaking about the most unfavorable dates, when it is not worth borrowing, it should be noted that many astrologers consider 1, 6, 1 and 23 days of the lunar calendar as such. At the same time, the 15th day, according to the lunar cycle, is the most dangerous and unfavorable date for the disposal of own finances. It is on this day that it is undesirable to lend money - emotions will prevail over common sense, and money will stay in the house for a short time.

With all this, many knowledgeable people, magicians do notare advised to lend someone their money on Tuesday - this will lead to the formation of new debts and financial bondage. In addition, modern astrologers, astrologers do not advise lending money on such days of the lunar calendar as 9, 19 and 20 - these are very unfavorable dates, not only for the loan, but also for its return.

which hand to take and give money correctly

When exactly is it worth repaying a debt

If we talk about the return of borrowed funds, then,regardless of what hand the debtor gives money, the 21st day of the lunar calendar is considered the most favorable day. If the debtor does not want to continue further relations with its creditor - the optimal date for the return of the entire debt is 19 lunar day.

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did not advisereturn or lend their own blood after sunset, in the evening. If the loan or its return is urgent, and you need to return the money right now, you should put the notes themselves on the floor, without handing them personally. That is, the question "what hand to take money, what to give" here already becomes irrelevant. Do not want to put on the floor - the best option in this case will be a special stand on the table or bedside table. And even better - return or borrow money, packed in an envelope. When paying for public services or repaying a loan, as well as making regular contributions, it is best to settle on the waning moon. When you return money, you always say: "Do not let the hand give out", doing this with a certain gratitude. If you borrowed and return it - give a little more than you borrowed, and if you take money from a bank or a store, try not to take change in small bills.

which hand to take and give money to the seller

Important signs of money

Which hand should I take / give money? Before discussing this issue in detail, I would like to mention some signs related to finance. In the hands of a person almost every day there are money, large or small denominations, new and older pieces of paper and small items - in retail outlets and in markets, in transport and bank, money is always in circulation. Everywhere a person pays on the account, and it is worthwhile to understand - this should be done correctly, although many do not think about how exactly this should be done.

In life, there is a mass of acceptance in relation to money- it is not necessary to keep your own purse, purse without money, you always need to leave inside anything at least - either a paper money or a trifle. Also remember: do not spend money making purchases the same day you received them, let them, as they say, spend the night at home. The bills themselves also need to be treated with a certain amount of attention and respect - when you put them in a purse, align, do not crumple, keep small change and banknotes separately. In this case, do not widely disclose your own wallet - do not expose to everyone and everyone how much "wealth" you have in it. In this case, the principle of bankers operates - money likes silence.

what hand to take money which give signs

Of course, try to follow certain recommendations in dealing with money, while taking into account the following rules - small, but time-tested and very effective.

  1. According to popular signs, the money borrowed on Monday may not return to its owners, and the person who lent money on Tuesday, he runs the risk of becoming not a creditor, but a debtor.
  2. When you return a debt, you do not need to transfer money fromhands in hand - put them on the table, or even better on a special stand. Our ancestors believed that the banknote handed over from hand to hand transmits energy and the charge of poverty, while the banknotes conveyed through the method described do not carry such a negative.
  3. In advance, agree on what to returnborrowed money a person will be bills of the same denomination and dignity, which he took. At the same time, taking debt from the debtor (so that you and your wealth can not be jinxed), twist the figure with your left hand, after hiding your palm in your left pocket.

Which hand to take money, and which one to give?

When you are given debts or wages -be sure to take them with your left hand only. Such a sign in the people is explained by the fact that the person has a heart on the left side, which means that he accepts money with a pure heart. That's why they say that the left palm is always itching to profit, profit, income.

Which hand should be given and take money, ifDo you deal with an unpleasant person? When a debt is returned by a person with negative energy, envious or just unpleasant to you or who is seriously ill - do not take money from him. The best option in this case is the one that has already been mentioned above: a debtor puts a certain amount on any surface - a table, a chair or on the floor, preferably from a tree, and you take them from there. Why did we mention the wooden surface? The tree, as a natural material, absorbs, paying off negative energy, any conspiracy for money.

which hand to take and give money to the seller

Which hand to take the money, which one to give: signs

If a person is asked to lend, then do itit is necessary that the money is returned to the owner and always in his wallet. So which hand is it proper to take and give money? It is enough to arm yourself with the following rules:

  • Do not borrow on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday, moreover, it is not recommended to lend money on Thursday evening, when the sun went down;
  • do not borrow money to a person who is constantly unlucky in finance - giving you a debt, he will give you some of his "luck";
  • do not need to transfer bills through the threshold - be sure to do it in the room, well, or simply stepping over it;
  • when you make a loan, do it with your right hand - then the money comes from a pure heart;
  • if you need to borrow urgently - do not transfer notes from hand to hand, but let them, putting on a wooden surface, so take it.

We repay the debt correctly

To borrow money, of course, is unpleasant. Many people are terribly embarrassed to seek such help, in addition, do not want, as they say, to climb into bondage. Remember the phrase: "You take strangers and for a while - you give yours and forever"? Perhaps, it is better to refuse something to ourselves, save somewhere, tighten the belt. But when the situation compels, and we have to borrow, we should remember: the debt is red by the payment.

which hand to take the money and what to give
In this case, to give it right is an entire science,and here there are their unwritten rules and laws. What hand to take money, and what to give - it is, in principle, already known. Remember the simple rule: give money with your left hand. And do not return the loan on Monday, Tuesday or the day off, especially in the evening - wait until the morning. In this case, the returned banknotes should be smaller in their nominal value than those you took, or equivalent, but no more. Taking into account all these nuances, you are sure to attract cash flows to yourselves and always be at the money!

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