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When and how is celebrated the Day of the Angel of Irina

Birthday is the most important holiday in lifeany person. Friends, family, relatives and just close people gather at it. In this way, we celebrate our appearance on Earth, thank the father and mother for giving us life. But there is another important date related to spirituality and religion. This is the name day, or the Day of the Angel, which is associated with the name of the person. Irina - one of the most common female names, so let's find out when the day of the angel Irina, as well as all that is associated with it.

Tribute to heavenly patrons

Name Day (Angel Day) is a day of memory of thata holy or great martyr, whose name was given to a person at the time of baptism. Determine the days of the name day in the church calendar. Receiving the name of one of the canonized saints, a person finds his heavenly protector and intercessor in the face of God. Therefore, it is so important not to forget to celebrate your name day - this is an opportunity to thank and express respect to your "intermediary". Today the tradition of celebrating his Angel Day is returning.

the day of the angel of irina

Irina: the date of the name day, the meaning of the name

In Greek, "Irina" means "peace," "tranquility." Names of Irina fall on several dates of the church calendar.

  1. In April: the 29th day is the day of the memory of the martyr Irina.
  2. In May: on the 18th day - the day of the memory of the Great Martyr Irina; 26th - righteous Irina, the wife of George the Confessor.
  3. In August: the 10th - the memory of the Monk Irina of Cappadocia; The 17th - the martyrs of Irina; On the 26th - the memory of the faithful Tsarina Irina (in the nuns of Xenia).
  4. In October: 1 of the number - the memory of the martyr Irina.

what day is the angel of irina

What day is the day of the angel

Irina celebrates her name day on the day thatis next to their birthday. The same goes for other names. But what about the other days marked on the calendar as the Day of the Angel of Irina? They are considered "small" name-days, and they are celebrated in a more modest atmosphere. Before the revolution, the name day, or the Day of the Angel, was considered the main holiday, and the day of birth was not celebrated. Let's find out how to celebrate the Day of the Angel of Irina (as well as the name day of a person with a different name) according to church requirements.

How to spend a birthday

On the name day, baked pies, loaves, coveredA large table, as they invited all relatives and neighbors. Despite the number of guests, this holiday was not noisy and sweeping. After all, it is given for inner spiritual contemplation and conversion to God through the memory of its high patrons. If the namesakes fell out for the period of fasting, then the dishes were prepared only by lean. Moreover, if it was listed on a weekday, then it was postponed for the next weekend.

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The main thing of the birthday man was the preparation of notand to the Communion and the Sacrament of Confession. In the morning they went to church, where, in addition, they put candles, ordered a prayer service. This is how since ancient times in Russia celebrated the Day of the Angel Irina.

Date of the holiday of the soul

If a secular birthday is a holiday,glorifying the birth of the corporeal shell, the name-day is a token of attention to the soul and a display of reverence for its heavenly protector. Accordingly, and gifts these days give different. On the day of birth, these are everyday, mundane items, utensils, money and other material values. And on the name day they always gave what is needed for treatment and communication with God and saints: icons, lamps, vessels for holy water. An excellent gift was considered and is considered spiritual literature, handwritten icons, prayer books.

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