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Is it possible and how to become a vampire at home? How to become an energy vampire?

Ghouls, ghouls ... How many mysterious andmystical in these names. About them go chilling legends. I wonder if they really exist, or is it just a figment of the imagination of writers and artists? And who are energy vampires? Are there many of them among us? Let's try to answer all these questions. And also find out how to become a vampire. At home, this will not be difficult.

Who was the first vampire? A bit of history

how to become a vampire at home
Many of us probably watched artfilms about Count Dracula, inspiring genuine horror and fear. In Stoker's novel, he appears before the readers of the Transylvanian Count, subject to his vicious passion to drink the blood of living people. His victims also become vampires and begin to lead their unusual way of life. Few people know that this character has a real double. His name was Vlad Tepesh. He was the governor of Wallachia. Why is this person considered to be the first vampire? Did he really drink the blood of people? Why did Stocker choose his ancestor for him? A lot of dark mysteries are associated with this person. Even during his life, terrible legends went about him. For example, there is a case where a merchant arrived in Wallachia and soon discovered that his wallet was gone. The thief was found and put on the stake. In the purse they put one extra coin and gave it to the owner. He, after seeing the surplus, announced this to the governor of Tsepe. Vlad laughingly said to the merchant: "If I did not confess, I would be sitting on the stake with the thief."

But how the voevoda ended his poverty in hiscity. He gathered all the fools and beggars in the same house, fed them to his fill, and asked if they were willing to end the earthly sufferings. Those answered in the affirmative. After that, Vlad closed all the windows and doors and set fire to the house. Burned all the people in it. Now Vlad Tepes has been declared a national hero in Romania. There he was known as a valiant soldier who defended his people against the Turkish invaders. It is unlikely that he was a real vampire and was nourished by the blood of people. But the legends of his cruelty have reached our days and pushed Stoker to write his immortal novel. Many teenagers, impressed by the deeds of Count Dracula, seriously think about how to become a real vampire.

How to calculate a ghoul?

how to become a vampire energy
I wonder if there are vampires among people? And if there is, how to recognize them? If you turn to literature, you can find out that a real vampire can be distinguished by some qualities.

  • He leads a nocturnal life, and usually sleeps during the day. And he rests in the coffin, which is in his room.
  • He has pale skin, a skinny look. Individuals with excess weight among vampires do not occur.
  • He never smiles, does not have fun. His constant companions - sadness, sorrow, longing.
  • His fangs are somewhat longer than human. This is the main visual distinctive feature of the ghoul.
  • He walks in black robes. Colored things are not for him.
  • Has great physical strength. At the same time, it will not be possible to see it visually at once. He does not have big muscles, a tight figure. Rather, on the contrary, he looks painful and thin.

How to become a vampire? Ways for everyone

how to become a vampire without a bite
It is believed that there are several techniques that help to become a ghoul.

  • Vampire's bite. If a person is bitten by a ghoul and tests his blood, then this "lucky" will acquire the qualities of his tormentor.
  • A curse. It is believed that people who are angry in wanting bad, are at risk of potential bloodsuckers.
  • Strong desire to be like him. If a girl or a young man tries to imitate a ghoul in everything, then, perhaps, some of his qualities will soon acquire. This option is suitable for those people who want to know how to become a vampire without a bite.

How to become like a ghoul?

how to become a vampire now
Ghouls always attracted people with their mysteryand mystical power. A lot of feature films have been shot about them, many books have been written ... And after the Twilight saga appeared on the screen, interest in these personalities was simply enormous. Many teenagers wanted to become like vampires. What should be done for this? How to become a vampire at home? First, you should abandon the solarium and visit the beach. We must try to go outside in the daytime less. This will help make the skin pale. Secondly, it is worth wearing only black clothes and using a special make-up. White powder for the face, black and red shadows around the eyes, dark cherry, almost black lipstick - this is what you need. Thirdly, you need to buy special plug-in "fangs". They are sold in kiosks, toy stores. There is a more radical option - go to the dentist and ask him to build real fangs. It's much easier to change outwardly than to start living the ghoul's way of life. In fact it is necessary to put instead of a bed in a room a coffin, to sleep in the afternoon, to eat exclusively fresh blood. Next, we will talk about how to become an energy vampire. Everything is much simpler here.

Groups of energy vampires

Many people seriously believe in the existencevarious ghouls, zombies, ghouls and so on. But there is also a large number of skeptics claiming that they live only in folk tales and legends. But almost all admit that there are so-called energy vampires. And they are not so little. It turns out that they can even be conditionally divided into groups.

  • "The Hunters." The most dangerous sight. They act purposefully, carefully choose their prey. Most often they can be found in churches, cemeteries, public transport, metro, various mass events, discos where there is a large crowd of people, and people are constrained. It is almost impossible to notice them. They merge with the crowd.
  • "Stocking". The most common group. Act subconsciously. You can meet in crowded places and at public events. They differ in that they try to attract the attention of others by gesturing and loud conversations.
  • "Khvatuny". They are rare, but very dangerous. To feed energy from the outside, they need to grab a man for open parts of the body, mostly by the hands. They can not influence through clothing. When they touch, people often lose control of themselves. An example is gypsies at train stations.
  • "Radists." The most harmless kind. There are a lot of them. Energized with energy, they pass it on to other people. There are mostly on parties, discos. You can see in public transport.

How to become a vampire energy?

how to become a vampire ways
How can one learn how to suck people's vitalenergy? What skills do you need in this case? Here it should be noted that most energy vampires are engaged in this "black" business unconsciously. But there are also "professionals" who have special knowledge and techniques that allow them to take away their life energy from surrounding people. How do they do it? Let's talk now on the merits and find out how a person becomes a vampire energy? Let us recall the lessons of physics: if we connect two vessels with a tube, one of which will be filled with liquid, then after a while its level in them will equalize. So it is with people. From a more energetically strong person, life forces will go to the weaker. The simplest way is physical contact. If a person wants to energize someone's energy, it's enough just to touch another person and to imagine in his mind that the life force is coming from the "victim" to him and filling it. Maybe the first time and it will not work. But a little practice, and it will go up the hill. Also often used is a method that excludes physical contact, which is based on the contact of human auras. It is important to understand that every person has a protective biofield. It is called an aura. As a rule, it is closed. But when a person shows interest or interest in someone, positive or negative emotions, then it opens, allowing to penetrate into it another aura. Therefore, the first thing you need to do to a person who wants to learn the basics of energy vampirism is to learn how to evoke interest, emotions from other people. Let it be sympathy, pity, anger, curiosity and so on. The vampire, who received his dose of vitality, will later determine for himself what kind of feelings he needs.

Is vampirism possible in the family?

how to become a vampire
For every man his house is a harbor,where you can relax from all life troubles. Favorite family members will always meet with understanding and tenderness. But this is ideal. But in reality everything is not so easy. Often it is in the family of a family that vampires can wait. For example, after a quarrel with her husband, the wife feels exhausted. Her mood spoils, spleen. And the husband after that feels "on the crest of the wave." He is doing well, the mood is excellent. He took some of the energy from his wife. Children here are also no exception. After their next prank, the father or mother, after punishing them, feels bad. The next time the child looks for any reason to again cause their irritation. Here is the answer to the question "how to become a vampire at home."

Is it good for energy vampires?

But do not think that life is such "ghouls"simply beautiful. This is a dangerous occupation, and they do not need to get on their way. After all, along with someone else's energy, you can take away all the sores of the "victim." Over time, you can buy a "bouquet" of diseases, which can not help neither doctors nor sorcerers. And also a person who is engaged in this "black" business, the ability to feed from nature is lost. What awaits him? Premature aging and exhaustion. This is a warning for those who are trying to learn how to become a vampire. Now it is easy, when there was a mass of books on this issue, there is the Internet at hand. But will it make you happy and healthy?

Methods of protection against energy vampires

how to become a real vampire
And now about the most important thing. In order to protect your aura from the drain of vitality, you must follow certain rules.

  • Try not to stand out in the crowd with bright appearance, catchy pretentious clothes, causing makeup. "Gray Mouse" will never impress an energetic ghoul.
  • To be always modest, not to stand out with your bold behavior, loud conversations, gestures. Vampires, as a rule, try to "drink" the energy of effective strong personalities.
  • Stay away from noisy gatherings and unpleasant places.
  • In all situations, keep cool andcalmness. Avoid scandals and quarrels, do not be offended and do not keep evil at people. Then a person trying to get you out of balance will quickly fall behind, as he will not get the desired portion of energy. Another Victor Hugo said: "If someone has offended you, take revenge on him so. Remain calm - this will be the beginning of vengeance. Forgive the offender - this will be the end of it. "
  • To do good to people, to give them their beautifulmood. Here the law of the cosmos works: the more you give good, the more you get it. After all, as you know, vampires feed only on "rotten" negative energy. Positive relationship is not for them. Remember how well and calmly you were in the shower after you gave alms, transferred across the road the old woman, helped a friend.
  • Find time to travel out of town. Communication with wildlife is the best source of vitality.
  • Believe in God, in his defense. Then no one can take your energy from you.

We have considered several ways how to become a vampire at home. And also found out how the energy ghouls work and listed the methods of protection against them.

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