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To What Are The Paper Money And All That Are Connected With Them

Our dreams are a mysterious activitybrain. We sleep, and our brains send us signals, try to warn us about something, tell us something or suggest. Of course, dreams can be trusted or not. But it has long been proven that there are prophetic dreams, there are dreams-predictions. Therefore, one should treat your dreams very carefully and decipher them with the help of dream books.

So, what does the paper money look like? In fact, there are several interpretations of this dream. To begin, consider a dream book by birthdays. He gives an explanation of dreams in accordance with the month in which a person who is interested in the dream he saw was born. So, what the paper money looks like according to such a dream book can be defined as follows: for those who were born in the first four months of the year, that is, from January to April, such a dream means profit. And for those born from May to August - this dream will mean a certain profit, but received serious labor. For those born between September and December, this dream means useless troubles and grief. In addition to this explanation, there are other treatments for sleep. For example, Wanderer's dreambook explains that the dreamed paper money shows your vital energy, they say at what level your operational resources are at. But if in a dream you see a lot of paper money, then this indicates that in the business you expect a serious loss. But in a dream attention is paid not only to, for example, money, but to the actions that you made with them. So, for example, if you considered paper money in a dream and at the same time found a shortage, then such a dream should be considered a warning, because, most likely, very soon you will have trouble with some payments. If you have lost money in a dream, then this is a direct indication that you are facing hard financial times ahead of you.

But not always in a dream paper money canto be real. And in the event that you have dreamed of counterfeit money, then instead of the question "what does the paper money look like," you will have to ask "what does fake money look like". The interpretation of this dream can also be different. So, for example, Miller's dream book says that false money seen in a dream is a very bad omen. This means that you have bad thoughts that will be stopped. If such a dream has occurred to you in the spring, then it means that you are expecting insincere, false feelings. And all courtship will be empty. But if such a dream has dreamed in the fall, then it heralds a theft in your apartment. In general, counterfeit money, as a rule, is associated with false relations, feelings. With insincere and dishonorable people surrounding you. That's what the fake money looks like.

But money, even in a dream, is very often associated withvarious kinds of acquisitions. So, considering the topic of the dreamed money, it is necessary to decide what the purchase looks like. In general, we can say that the purchases seen in the dream mean profit and luck. But again, just like money, you need to consider not just buying in general, but what exactly do you acquire. If, for example, you buy something big, then it's a dream, foreshadowing good luck. And if you get some little things, everyday things, it means that you do not yet see well-being.

According to the dream book of Lofa, seen in a dreampurchase is a kind of warning or self-affirmation. In order to specifically understand what this dream is for you, you need to take into account a lot of nuances: what you buy, for what purpose, and even how you pay - in cash or a credit card. Cash also in your dream can be paper or in the form of coins. So it turns out that in order to find out what the purchase looks like, you have to remember your dream in the smallest detail. And in life it's not always real.

It turns out that when you consider what paper money looks like, it is necessary to analyze all the circumstances in which they dreamed about you. Only then can you truly interpret your dream.

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