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In a dream, see the blood - lose an expensive man?

Some people have never met in my lifeterrible dreams. But some of us have dreadful dreams every night. For some, a dream will be terrible if there are monsters in it, and someone is terribly frightened to see a single drop of blood. In this case, a person can absolutely not be afraid of either the type of blood or the type of bloody body part. Some are not at all afraid of blood in a dream, but such dreams still leave an unpleasant residue for those who do not understand what the blood has dreamed of in his sleep.

How to interpret folk dowries, in a dream bloodSee - to see you soon with your relatives. With all this, it comes specifically about blood relatives, and not about all sorts of cottages and kums, no offense to them it will be written. Often on the same day, your mother, brother or aunt comes to visit you after you saw blood in a dream last night. And do not look for oddities - the blood is a symbol of kinship, it connects us with our very blood relatives. Therefore, our natural instinct with the help of a dream tells us that soon we will meet with relatives.

But in the big and gipsy dream books blood is notpromises good outcomes. If the blood flows from its own wound - a person is deprived of inner vital will and energy, his strength is excised. At the same time, the result of the blood seen in a dream can be even a financial crisis. In a dream, blood comes from the wound of the enemy or enemy - this marks your victory over it. But the menstrual bleeding in a dream, on the contrary, explains the possibility of a woman's purification of her essence, her awakening in a new guise.

Caught on the clothes in a dream blood - to the emergenceobstacles. Especially important is a dream for entrepreneurs, it can mean the rapid emergence of strong competition in business or early financial checks.

The dream of Miller blood flowing from the openwound, explains that a person has a physical ailment, through which his vital energy leaves. But if the health is okay, the reason may be in the near collapse of business, failures, mental suffering. It is bad to detect blood in your dreams on your own hands - this is a sign that you need to urgently bring all the affairs and health in order. Blood on someone else's robe is a hidden enemy, a secret foe, an envious person who can be very dangerous. By the way, a dream can predict the appearance of such a pseudo-friend, so it's better to stop new acquaintances for a while.

Very bad value can have that fact,that in a dream his teeth fell with blood. The bulk of the interpretations speak in this case of loss. Often we are talking about an expensive person. Although, do not confuse such a dream with that dream, when you are removing the affected tooth. Such a dream, in contrast, symbolizes liberation, victory. And if another person loses his teeth, it's not so scary. If the tooth lost your foe - it's generally wonderful, as it proves his impotence against you.

By themselves, teeth in a dream symbolize yourhealth. If you see your teeth well-groomed, even and healthy - respectively, and your health and your loved ones are not threatened. Affected caries, knocked out, torn out teeth - problems, illnesses, misfortunes. Try to bring your teeth into a proper state - you are struggling with problems.

Having seen blood in a dream, do not immediatelydespair. Remember that a dream, like a coin, has two sides. One slightest detail - and the whole dream can change its meaning. In addition, in one dream book can be given one interpretation of sleep, and in another dream book - quite the opposite. Well, not the last meaning is the day (that is, the night) of the week when you dreamed of blood. In one night we see things, in others - deception. Sometimes we see what we want to see. Sometimes it's something we try to avoid. One way or another - you need to weigh everything and not put a cross on fate, but try to change what the dream predicts. After all, a dream is not a reality, and we can change our destiny at the root, if we get down to business in time!

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