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Kulikova Ekaterina and her projections for the future

Someone believes in predictions of psychics, and someoneprefers to ignore them, since he personally can not test their abilities. This article will help skeptics discover the mystery of these mystical stories: true or false?

A Recurring Prediction

The truthfulness of one of the predictions can be estimated based on the media's response to the viewer's question in a live broadcast of her interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Ekaterina Kulikova psychic
In her response to Kulikova, Catherine challenged one of the predictions to all the clairvoyant Vanga, saying that there would be no third world war in the near future.

At the same time, she did not deny that Russia was waiting formajor scandals and conflicts. Since the interview was already conducted during the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we will not judge this statement specifically - Kulikova Catherine could rely on the current situation in the country.

The results of complex disagreements between"native" countries are still ambiguous. But we can safely say that Ekaterina Kulikova, the medium and the winner of one of the versions of the Battle of Psychics, in some ways gave the right information: the third world war did not begin, although there were prerequisites for this.

The unfulfilled prediction

According to the same data, it was clear that technical progress was coming soon. Kulikova Ekaterina explained that the new invention will be an ultra-strong generator based on solar energy.

kulikova catherine

It is interesting to note that by voicing their forecasts,the medium behaved not very confidently, used the words "most likely", "probably" and so on. This may indicate two things: either Catherine saw blurred pictures that could not be explained, or did not want to remain without justification if her words were not confirmed in the future.

Since the exact dates of Ekaterina Kulikova,psychic with a huge experience, did not name, to judge the veracity of her statements difficult. Until now, solar energy has been learned to use only in small amounts, and it happened long before the prediction.


Everyone has the right to remain with hisHowever, it is not always useful to ignore facts confirmed in practice. The conclusions described in the article are based on the words of only one psychic, therefore, we will talk about the abilities of Kulikova Catherine, and not the entire clairvoyance industry.

Ekaterina Kulikova's medium

Kulikova Ekaterina is a good psychologist,who can adapt his words to the environment so that they sound plausible even if they accuse him of lying. Thus, it turns out that some of the information from her mouth can be confirmed by facts, and the ability to sometimes guess the future has every person on the planet Earth.

Extrasensory abilities, as many saylovers of mysticism, should not rely on science. But since such predictions are statements related to the living world, it means that they can be verified by something tangible, real, truthful and inspiring. The bottom line is for yourself - but is it worth believing in only beautiful words?

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