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I know the dream: what do insects dream about?

Our dreams - this is a special subject for study by people who are inquisitive people! There are many points of view about what dreams are.

what does the insects look like
Some say that these are the remnants of our subconscious,others claim that these are veiled pictures from the future ... Some kind of cipher ... For example, how to understand what insects are dreaming about? What is this - the projection of our residual thoughts or some kind of warning? Let's figure it out!

In general, dreams of different insects are treated fairly easily. We just need to remember the peculiarities of their behavior in nature. The more harm they bring in a dream, the more problems you await in reality!

Miller's dream book: what are the insects dreaming about?

Gustav Miller is not Sigmund Freud with hiserotic aspects of certain life situations and world outlook in general. But, no matter how strange it may sound, Miller in such dreams brings to the forefront the erotic component!

  1. In particular, the scientist argues that the fight againstinsects in a dream (for example, with midges, cockroaches, ants) - this is the coming release from old problems in the intimate life, which still do not give you rest.
    dream interpretation of insects
  2. If you see how insects multiply with a new force - the emergence of a new sexual partner. In some cases, this dream symbolizes the diversity in sex with a former partner.
  3. If in your sleep insects are pests - waking unpleasant events and situations associated with treason!

What does insects look like in the interpretation of David Loff

  1. If insects dream creative people - they are expected to win unsuccessfully in the implementation of their creative plans!
  2. Loff gives a rare interpretation to what he dreams aboutmany insects that surround you. If you can not brush them off, then you will find yourself wrapped up in the "ears" in some dubious business, occupying the lion's share of your free time!
  3. Married women dreamed of insects foreshadow the health problems of the female part.
  4. Such insects, like a ladybug or fluttering butterfly, on the contrary, promise peace and tranquility in life!

Dreams of Juno: what do insects dream about?

Insects are in most cases a bad signin any dream. Only butterflies and ladybugs symbolize pleasant dates, good luck in love. Ants in a dream are a symbol of useful skills, diligence and skills.

what do many insects dream about

  1. The most bad dreams are those in whichyou contact pests or parasites (for example, with flies, ticks, mosquitoes, fleas). All these creatures symbolize only ills and infectious diseases.
  2. If an insect in a dream is huge, perhaps this isan emphasis on one or another person from real life. For example, a large mosquito sucking blood from you, personifies a person who will spoil your reputation and nerves!
  3. What do you think, what is the dream of insects thatin large numbers persecuting you in the interpretation of Juno? You would never guess! The fact is that the swarming mass of these creatures, surrounding or haunting you, symbolizes the invisible process of the disintegration of your soul ... In other words, you are unclean in your hand, you are plotting something very bad, from which you yourself will suffer!
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