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Ears are burning - what would that mean?

Each of us was faced with a situation where neitherfor no reason begin to burn ears. And sometimes the situation for such "signals" is the most inappropriate. But what to do, as they say, "as it is, so it is."

Mystical view of the problem

Perhaps, a few of us asked ourselves a question, fromwhat ears burn. No, no, not in the sense of interpreting people's perceptions, but in the sense of a scientific explanation of this phenomenon. As for the signs, many since childhood have absorbed themselves, that if the ears are burning, then someone is discussing in conversation. It can be assumed that at the subconscious level, a person is able to perceive information flows that are associated with his persona. And if someone actively discusses it, then the person reacts to it in such a unique way.

It is noteworthy that folk wisdomconsiders the situation when the ears are burning, not only in general, but also depending on which ear reacts with redness and fever. So, it is believed that if the right ear is burning, then this is a good sign, then you are discussed with a shade of approval and do not say anything bad.

It is quite another matter if the left ear burns: apparently, someone badly speaks about you, says mucks. The insulted and wounded subconscious perceives negative waves and signals a person: be on your guard. By the way, together with the heat in the ears, a person can feel a general malaise or feel uncomfortable.

This is what concerns people's perceptions, or, as skeptics say, superstitions and prejudices. And what do scientists think about this?

Physiological view of the problem

Blame everything, as scientists say, almighty stress. Yes, indeed, "all-powerful", stress today is both the cause and the consequence of various ailments and health problems (physical and mental).

The first version of it in the case of a strangethe reaction of the organs of hearing is mental tension. Scientists from Australia conducted a series of studies and concluded that the ears burn with considerable mental stress. When the brain is "loaded", it needs more oxygen, access to which depends on the blood supply system. The brain signals that it needs more oxygen, increases the flow of blood, the path of which lies through the carotid artery. The blood moving to the head is divided between the brain that required the supplement, and the inner ear, which, in fact, did not need a bonus. The side effect of such a bonus influx of blood is the sensation that the ears are burning.

The next version is an unexpected fright. If a person is frightened (especially when he is relaxed and does not wait for danger), he has a powerful adrenaline rush. As a result, redness and heat in the ears.

As a form of stress can be consideredfeelings of guilt, remorse, shame. Perhaps you have a close person with whom you have not talked for a long time and who can remember you, think about you. The subconscious (our uncontrolled "I") feels guilty for the fact that the communication has stopped and begins to "interpret" our consciousness, which does not observe cause for concern, that it's time to act.

The simplest reason that can burnears are a reaction to the heat. In hot weather, blood flows to all areas of the skin in order to increase heat transfer, in some people blood is sent in large quantities to the ears, hence this reaction.

Ears burn also in the event that the person is sick. This can also be a reaction to a particular stimulus. In the first case, you need a doctor's examination and taking medications, in the second case, all the same plus the exclusion of the action of the stimulus.

That's what science and people's omens say about the heat in your ears. Believe it or not, your right.

We live in an amazing world in which side by sidethere is truth and fiction, feelings and calculation, science and superstition. Taking into account the highest level of development of science, one can not deny the fact that next to it there is something that even the best minds in the world can not understand, at least for now. No matter how they call this "something" - faith, miracle, supernatural, prejudice, superstition - it exists, even in the human mind.

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