/ / Mysteries of dreams: what is the dream of a month, their blood accompanying, and whether to listen to such dreams?

The secrets of dreams: what are the monthly dreams, their accompanying blood, and should one listen to such dreams?

what does the monthly blood
"Bloody" dreams - not infrequent guests in our nightlyvisions. And it seems that they can not foretell anything good. But let's figure it out. Why dream monthly? Blood in general, in general, symbolizes in a dream relatives, as well as everything that can be associated with them, for example quarrels, disputes or just meetings. What does it mean a certain type of blood loss, we will consider below.

"Modern universal dream book" offersone of the explanations of what the monthly dreams are. The blood that accompanies menstruation can mean a woman's desire to connect with nature. Or, a dream can say that it's time to be alone with yourself and with your thoughts, to renounce the world around you, and also symbolizes the liberation and the high inner development of the person who saw this dream.

There are other explanations for what is dreamingmonth. The blood that goes with this can mean that you have some real health problems in reality, and you should check it out. In any case, a trip to the doctors will not be superfluous, at least you will make sure that everything is in order. If, however, with a monthly loss of blood is very large (in a dream, I mean), it means that you have lost a lot of energy and energy, and at the moment your body is exhausted. If such a dream is a dream of a pregnant woman, it means that the baby will be born strong and healthy. And in the event that you dream of clothes or underwear stained with menstrual blood, then be ready for serious trouble in the near future.

By the way, the opinion that the monthlypregnancy, in most cases is erroneous. To pregnancy, usually a fish is dreaming, but many girls dream months only to the beginning of the menstrual cycle in reality.

months off for pregnancy

Here is another interpretation of what is dreamed ofmonth. The blood seen in such a dream, and the very process of its shedding and other "pleasantnesses" may be a sign that you are expected to meet in the future. But these meetings will be so dull and tedious that you will regret the time wasted and agree with the opinion that any meeting involving more than two people is a uselessly spent day or evening and it will for a long time stop you from wanting to visit such " meeting ".

There are many different explanations for such dreams and what the blood dreams about. Monthly, as a rule, means getting rid of something old and unnecessary and moving to something new.

what does the blood dream about?
In addition, they can also mean that whenthe loss of this "something" will seem to you that this particular thing or person is very important to you, and you will try to bring it back to your life. Should not be doing that. Treat this loss as getting rid of something that is hindering you, useless. Most likely, if you let go of what you are trying to keep, your life will become easier and better.

If the dream is not blood, and the delay in menstruation - it'syou are waiting for acquaintance or passionate love, but it will not be long. Menstrual blood, plus everything, can mean that you will soon turn away from a person close to you. And if you see blood-soaked clothes (this is another explanation, the first option was suggested above), then you can soon lose your reputation, and generally get a lot of problems.

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