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What is the dream that awaits us? Why are we dreaming of tears?

Some people wake up from a strange state. The fact is that they are dreaming of tears. In some cases, the eyes are tearful even in reality. Why do we dream of tears - we find out in our article.

What psychologists say

what is the dream of tears

Such dreams indicate that the inner worldthe dreamer was filled with emotional, mental and mental tensions that were not able to flow in reality. In this case, "sleepy" tears are a symbol of getting rid of one's own soul from a certain load of problems, its purification. Psychologists give a general interpretation of what tears are dreamed of. They argue that the real sadness that turned into tears speaks of spiritual consolation. Besides, it can be just a projection of current events on a dream ... But what will the dream book tell us? Why do we dream of tears from the point of view of these or those interpreters? About this - further.

Interpretation by Gustav Miller

The American scientist does not spoil us with bright prospects. This dream he interprets as follows:

  • If you see tears in your dreams (crying) - trouble is coming;
  • if you watch how other people cry, your troubles, sorrows and sorrows will affect others.

dream book
Why do I dream of tears. Sonnik Yevgenia Tsvetkova

This, undoubtedly, is a symbol of unexpected joy, comfort in a difficult moment. This is how Evgeny Tsvetkov explains this dream:

  • If you saw how to wipe your own tears flowing from your eyes, know that your loved ones will console you and support you in a difficult moment.
  • If your face is completely tearful - expect sudden and pleasant twists and turns in your affairs.

Why tears are dreamed according to the dream book of Juno

  1. Weep bitterly, but you do not understand the concrete reason for this - to joyful events, incidents.
  2. Do you see how your friends and close people are crying? Perhaps you have stopped all relations with them. Sleep advises you to resume them.
  3. If you saw the tears of your own mother, thenbeware! The image of a weeping mother is an attempt to understand what you might be wrong in. Change! In addition, the mother is a symbol of conscience, so listen and analyze all the latest developments.
  4. A crying child - to minor troubles of one kind or another.

What is the dream of bloody tears
Interpretation by David Lofe

  1. What do you think, why do bloody tears dream? This is a very terrible dream! Beware, the danger is near! A fatal outcome of events is possible.
  2. His tears dream for joy, and others - for trouble.
  3. If tears are bitter, you cry sobbingly - inlife you are a weak person who can not resist the blows that destiny brings to you. You are a whiner. Constantly complaining about the fate of the villain. You have some paranoid tendencies: you think that all evil in the world comes only to you. Stop whining and do the real thing!
  4. Are you holding back your tears in a dream? In reality, you just can not stand the feelings of parading, preferring to experience all the misfortunes, sorrows and joys alone, without entangling others in them.
  5. If in your dream you started to wipe your tears, thenknow that your environment treats you even worse than you imagine! The dream says that you are a hypochondriac person, trying to find in any actions some "double bottom", hidden intentions. Know, it's not. The surrounding people have much more important things to do than create conspiracies against you.
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