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Interpretation of dreams. Why the devils

If you are dreaming of a chetry, do not rush to panic. Just look in one of the dream books or read this article.

What the devils dream about Grishina's dream-book

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According to this interpreter, demons, devils and allsimilar beings symbolize violent vortexes of feelings, uncontrollable human emotions. Surrendering to temptation, you can easily commit rash, stupid acts. And how are you going to correct all that you've done? Try to calm down and start a measured life. Dimensional does not mean boring, rather, prudent. When the devils dream, and you take them for friends, the situation is mixed. On the one hand, everything is fine, and this will continue for some time. On the other - these same friends will let you down. Lovely and friendly outside, inside they will turn out to be real devils! Learn to understand people. Such a dream can also indicate that your decisions are not dictated by common sense, but solely by passions. So it is impossible to live. Today you want one, and tomorrow another. And in most cases, the guilt of impermanence is fear.

What the devil dreams about in the dream book of Miller

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If you are a businessman, bewarecompeting companies. Doubtful transactions can end badly for you. The dreaming devil will do everything to make you unnecessarily bankrupt. Prove to the higher powers that you are a strong, judicious, wise person. And then, perhaps, the misfortune will bypass you. If you are attracted to sports, then the dream in which the devils appear, serves as a warning. Do not act on nonsense if you are not ready. Injuries to you to anything. And always listen to the coach and follow his advice, do not engage in self-interest. Be wary of tricky traps if you saw a devil in the guise of a beautiful man or an amazing woman. Someone really wants to deceive you. Replay the situation! And henceforth be more circumspect. A real trap is prepared for you if, when you wake up, you recall the image of a devil that struck your imagination. Cute chat with the devil in a dream? Again, difficulties await you. Your enemy has already spread the net.

What the devils dream of in the dream book of Vanga

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This dream book, to the surprise, considersthe appearance in the dream of a feature as a favorable sign. Soon you will enter the band of luck. Money sprinkles like rain. Without space efforts, you will have the right acquaintances. The reverse side of the coin is vanity. Do not be bewildered by your position! Better start helping those who really need your help. The other meaning of the devil is the tragic end of your life. But if you do not want to give way to panic, then just throw this interpretation out of your head. Got a trait by the tail? Your hard character will bring anyone!

What does the devil dream of Danilova's dream

To see a demon in a dream - to your boundlessdesire to rule, command. When this creature horrifies you, know that you are afraid of something in real life. You yourself took the appearance of a feature? If you like it, then in reality you do not have enough thrills, drive, emotions. Take a ride on a motorcycle, jump with a parachute!

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