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Names of Taisia ​​in the Orthodox Church

Very bright and beautiful ancient Greek name of Taisiameans in translation "wise," "fertile," "late," "belonging to the goddess Isis." The names of Taisia ​​Orthodox are celebrated several times a year, since this name was worn by more than one saint. Of these, only three are known: Taisia ​​the Martyr, Taisia ​​Egyptian (5th century), and the Monk Taisia ​​Egyptian Thebaid (6th century). Studying when Taisia's name day celebrates, you should carefully consider the history of these saints. After all, it was faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and sincere repentance in their sins that saved them from the flame of hell.

Name Day Taisii

Taisia: Orthodox name-day

About Taisii the Martyr is known very little, onlythat she took martyrdom for the bold and firm confession of the Christian faith. The names of Taisia ​​Martyrs are celebrated on April 4 according to the modern calendar.

But the life of Saint Taisia ​​of Egypt is known inall the details. She lived in the V century in ancient Egypt. When her wealthy parents died, she began to lead a pious life and dedicated herself to charity and help to the sick and the infirm.

In her house very often stopped the monks,who came from deserts to cities to sell their baskets. Taisia ​​was loved and revered, she enjoyed great respect among people. But after all the hard-working philanthropic activities, her material condition was gradually depleted. And she too was overtaken by poverty. At this time in the environment of Taisia ​​people of bad behavior appear, she begins to lead a disorderly life.

Taisia ​​Name-Day

Taisia ​​Egyptian

One day the monks came from the desert monastery, whoearlier stopped at Taisia. Seeing her unhappy and sinful, they were greatly saddened, because she always gave them her love. Calling on his Abba, who was called John Kolov, they asked him to help Taisia. He immediately went to her and, sitting beside her, gazed intently into her eyes and cried. She was worried and asked why he was crying. He answered that he saw how Satan plays on her face, and sobbed about what Jesus did not like about her, why she took the path contrary to the Lord. The girl was imbued with such accusatory words and fluttered about whether she had any repentance. The elder replied that he was, and forced her to follow him. Abba John was very much surprised that Taisia ​​immediately followed him in tears. She did not say good-bye to anyone and did not even give any orders about her property.

The peaceful end

When they reached the desert, they did not have anythingit remained how to spend the night in the sands. Having made her a head from the sand, before dubbed, he put her to sleep, and at some distance from her also lay down, praying before that. In the morning, when he got up, he found Taisia ​​dead. He was very frightened by the fact that she died, and did not repent, did not take communion and did not become a nun, as he wanted.

And then suddenly he heard the voice of God, whosaid that the hour of her repentance was more important than the long-term repentance of others who are not so selflessly doing it. In such an amazing way, Lord John answered his question about the forgiveness of the sins of Taisia, which received him for his sincerity and determination in repentance.

Now Orthodox are also honored by her name-day. Taisia ​​celebrates its day on May 23, according to the church calendar. However, that's not all. In reality there was another saint who bore this name, and in some moments their fates were very similar.

Name Day Taisha according to the church calendar

Taisia ​​Egyptian Thebaid

Beginning with the question of whenTaisia, it is worth remembering and about another saint - Taisia ​​Egyptian Thebaid. It is written in the story that she was the daughter of a harlot who taught her her craft. Taisia ​​was a rare beauty, so customers were ready to pay big money for it, which was why real ruin was suffered. Once the Reverend Paphnutius the Great came to her, who wanted to talk with her. After their conversation, Taisia ​​collected all her earned treasures and burned her in the square of her city. And then went to the nunnery for Saint Pafnutia. There, shut up in the cell, ceaselessly mourning her sins, she spent three years in the shutter, eating only once a day.

Taisia ​​name-day orthodox

Great Forgiveness

When three years passed, Saint Paphnutius came toAnthony the Great, to ask if the Lord forgave Taisia. Then Anthony ordered all his monastic disciples to pray that the Lord Himself would give them an answer. After a while, Pavel Preprost was given a vision of how three virgins of extraordinary beauty guarded the heavenly bed. Paul was delighted, he thought that this bed was intended for Father Antonia, but a voice from heaven announced to him that it was for the harlot of Taisia. Thus, Paphnutius, having learned the will of God, went to Taisia's cell to take her out of there and say that the Lord had forgiven her of her sins. Two weeks later, she was overtaken by illness, and three days later Saint Taisia ​​peacefully departed to the Lord. Today her names are celebrated on October 21.

Taisiya, in deep repentance, received mercy and forgiveness from the Lord. Thus, the name day of Taisia ​​is celebrated three times a year, as mentioned above: April 4, May 23 and October 21.

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