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Dream Interpretation: What are the dreams of ghosts?

Why do ghosts dream? This dream can be interpreted in different ways. The correct interpretation largely depends on the details and nuances of sleep.

Why do ghosts dream?
Mythological dream book

Ghosts dream of discomfort, various fears,anxiety and weather change. This dream can also speak of the need to remember the deceased relatives. If a person sees in his dream a ghostly figure with unclear outlines, then in his waking senses or events that are not yet realized are coming to him.

English dream book: why ghosts are dreaming

This dream is a symbol of disappointment. The plans of the sleeper can not be realized, even if the circumstances favor them. If a person thinks that he has completely achieved the favor of his chosen one or his chosen one, then he is mistaken. There is a high probability that soon there will be a rival who will confidently take his place. This dream can also portend a quarrel with best friends, various griefs and loss of money.

What the ghost spirits dream about
The American dream book

The ghost in the dream says that the dreamer has not yet decided on his attitude to a certain person. Perhaps a person has not completed any business with the deceased.

Dream interpretation of Grishina: why ghosts are dreaming

This dream symbolizes the torture of conscience. A person needs to pay attention to some circumstance, which at first glance seems insignificant. It points to a certain mystery, to which the dreamer touched. Sleep can also mean a deceptive view of the sleeper about something. If a ghost comes in white, this dream portends happiness and joy. When it is in black, the dreamer expects illness and great sorrow.

Gypsy dream book: in a dream to see ghosts

This dream says that a distant relative is strongly dissatisfied with those who are dreaming. If a certain familiar person appears in the role of the ghost, this most often heralds her imminent death.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

If a person in a dream is frightened by a ghost, somelarge forces exert pressure on him in reality in order for him to forgo something. Do not be afraid of him in a dream - good news. To be friends with a ghost is a good omen for any project or business started.

In a dream, see ghosts
Winters of Winter: what dreams do ghosts, ghosts

When the dreamer dreams of figures and objects inghostly obscure light, this indicates that in reality he does not adequately perceive a situation. Such dreams are a sign that the person has missed some important details that could greatly affect his fate. When in a dream the dreamer is a ghost with whom he communicates in any way, in reality he became a hostage to some harmful illusion or delusion.

The dream of the 21st century: why ghosts are dreaming

When a person sees in a dream ghosts orphantoms, this means that in reality he does not know what he wants. If the sleeper talks to them, then in reality he wants someone to like. To flee from a ghost is to try to solve some problems. However, because of this, there will be other difficulties. If a poltergeist moves objects in a dream, then the current misses of the sleeper will create many problems.

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