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Spatifillum: the tips of the leaves dry. How to help the plant?

Juicy bright greens, powerful energy of growth and surprising inflorescences, similar to small white sails, make spathiphyllum one of the favorite indoor plants.

The popular rumor ascribes to this flower a wonderful property - to make women happy and loved. How to grow this magic flower at home, and what does spathiphyllum need?

spathiphyllum home care
Care at home is watering,spraying, annual transplantation and timely top dressing. In winter the plant needs a bright light, in summer it must be shaded from the direct rays of the sun. Plant it advised in the ground for lemons or azaleas, adding to it a pine crust of the middle fraction. Top-dressing takes place from March to August twice a month. It is desirable to alternate mineral and organic fertilizers.

Spathiphyllums are often used for room andoffice gardening. They are very decorative, early start to bloom and grow well. In total there are more than 40 species of this plant, and each in its own way is beautiful. But often there is trouble, which is subject to spathiphyllum.

Why do leaf tips dry?

This flower with yellow cobs, covered with a gentlewhite-green veil, can not be called capricious or difficult to grow. He can enjoy the bloom for a year, but needs to recreate the conditions in which spathiphyllum grows in nature. The tips of the leaves dry, first of all, from insufficient moisture. The plant belongs to the family of araids, its homeland is South America. These descendants from the rainforests love moisture: one must sprinkle flowers and leaves, from time to time wash them with warm water or make a shower.

From spring to autumn, the plant needs abundantfrequent watering, in winter the amount of water should be reduced. From the excess of liquid, even such a lover of moisture as spathiphyllum may suffer. The leaf tips of the plant dry not only from drought, but from overflow. If this happens, you must carefully remove the flower from the pot and dry it with an earthen lump. When planting, it needs good drainage and air-permeable soil, there should be no stagnation of water near the roots.

spatifillum why leaves tips dry

What else can oppress spathiphyllum? The tips of the leaves dry because of the flower's content at low temperature or draft. It can fully develop only in a warm room, the optimum temperature of the content is +22 +260 C. However, for abundant flowering spathiphyllum needs a short period of rest. If you cut the watering and sustain the plant for two weeks at a temperature of +11 +160 C, it will subsequently reward the owners with a lush long bloom.

spathiphyllum dry leaf tips

If the flower has for a long time beautifully grown anddeveloped, and then suddenly began to wither, we must examine it for the presence of harmful insects. On the plant can attack shielded aphids and spider mites. The mealybug settles in the roots and drinks the cell sap, draining the spathiphyllum. The tips of the leaves dry, the honey dew appears on the plant - the sugary isolates caused by this parasite.

For pest control, it is necessary to take advantage ofinsecticides penetrating into the root system. Affected parts of the plant must be cut, periodically inspected and repeated preventive treatment.

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