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Useful houseplants for home: a fresh look at old acquaintances

Amateur florists know that many of thethe inhabitants of our window sills not only give a feeling of comfort and coziness, but also affect the person's well-being and the atmosphere in the apartment. Choosing useful indoor plants for the house, professionals recommend paying attention not only to an attractive appearance. Sometimes flowers can cause negative reactions (for example, poisonous oleander or calendula causing allergies). Optimum number of inhabitants of a house flower garden - five pieces.

useful houseplants for home

Each species requires itselfindividual approach and compliance with certain requirements. There are lovers of humidity among the green tenants of the apartment, there are some kinds of them that are easy to adopt, which will perfectly accrue even in the kitchen. One of the most important properties that useful indoor plants have for the house is cleaning the air in the room from toxic substances and microbes, plus they produce oxygen. In the office, it is better to arrange flowers that can absorb electromagnetic radiation from the environment. If they have beautiful inflorescences or decorative leaves, they will turn into a wonderful ornament. Another advantage of green pets is their unpretentiousness in care.

photo of useful house plants

If you look at the photos of useful roomplants, then be surprised. After all, many of them live in urban apartments and are widely known. Chlorophytum will be indispensable in the kitchen, as it effectively cleans the air of odors. To enhance the effect, it is advised to put activated charcoal in a pot with a flower. To get rid of stress, settle in your room geranium. It calms and normalizes sleep. Thanks to the essential oils contained in it, it has a disinfectant effect on the air. In addition, it refreshes and removes excess moisture from the surrounding space. The most successful place for her is a children's room or a bedroom. No wonder some useful house plants for the house are called "filters". This includes Aglaonema. It clears the air in the room, ionizing it. As a result, people feel better. Hedera or English ivy takes formaldehyde from the surrounding atmosphere. This plant can be recommended to the owners of domestic animals, since it destroys the allergens released by their wool.

the most useful houseplants

Undoubtedly, the most useful houseplants -these are those that have healing properties. Therefore, you can not do without aloe. It not only releases oxygen and removes electricity from the air. It is used as an antibacterial and wound-healing remedy. Laurel evergreen fights bacteria and viruses that are common in the air, and has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and the heart. Kalanchoe - also a medicinal plant. It is used for such diseases as stomatitis, periodontitis and runny nose.

It's great if your green pets areuseful houseplants. For the house they are simply necessary, as they create a favorable atmosphere and decorate the home. In your apartment, natural air purifiers and healers-chlorophytum, bamboo palm, Jameson gerbera, ficus, dracaena, begonia, citrus fruits, will heal.

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