/ How to grow a tree from a bone of nectarine?

How to grow a tree from the bone of a nectarine?

Thanks to the hard work of some loversexperiments, popularity is gaining new methods for growing exotic plants. It turns out that in our country a fascinating occupation is being mastered - how to grow nectarine from a bone? Why did you decide to use this fruit for such purposes? Unlike peaches, he is more enduring. In addition, nectarine has an incredible taste and has an exotic flavor. The article provides information on this topic.

Right choice

Gardening knows that a key role in obtainingthe future harvest is the right choice of plant variety. To gain experience in how to grow nectarine from a bone in the home, the first thing to do is to look at the tree you like. To work was not in vain, you must observe all the subtleties of the preparatory stages before planting nectarine. First, the variety must be resistant to external factors and yield. Secondly, it is important that the taste of fruits corresponds to personal preferences.

how to grow from a stone nectarine

Quality planting material

Growing nectarine from a bone at home is not a difficult matter. The main thing is to take care of the quality of planting material. To do this, you must do several of the following:

  1. Fruits, from which it is supposed to be pulled outbones, it is better to remove from the tree, so that they do not show signs of rot and disease. Such fruits should be soft and mature enough. The appearance of nectarines is also important. Select the most beautiful and large.
  2. For separated bones, the soaking process is mandatory. They are immersed in a container of water for several days, in which the water is changed daily.
  3. Bones are laid out on a cloth and dried in a well-ventilated place, but protected from the sun.
  4. It is necessary to remove seeds from the bone shell carefully, in any case, they can not be damaged. Before this, the stone is placed in a vertical position and struck with a hammer.

When the planting stock is ready, the gardener needs to decide how to grow nectarine from the bone. There are two options: the seeds can be planted immediately or left until spring.

to grow nectarin from a bone in house conditions

Autumn landing

If it is planned to plant nectarine in autumn inopen soil, it is not necessary to soak up the bones. Landing is carried out from October to November. Experienced garden enthusiasts give recommendations on how to grow nectarine from the stone in the way of autumn planting:

  1. The stone for planting should be larger than the expected seedlings. Even if all of them sprout, most likely, it is necessary to do culling of trees.
  2. A few days before planting, dig a shallow trench (5 cm) and fill it with water.
  3. If the soil is not fertile, peat and good ground are laid in the groove.
  4. Seeds of nectarine are laid out at a distance of 30 cm, sprinkled with earth and watered.
  5. Before frost, the place with nectarines is well covered with sawdust or straw.

Seeds kept in the ground in cold weatheryear, receive a certain hardening. In this case, the future trees will please the owner with resistance to different weather conditions. Such a location guarantees seed preservation and protection against rodents, as well as various influences from external factors. But then the question arises as to whether it is possible to grow nectarine from a stone in the spring. Further advice is given on the proper storage of planting material.

how to grow nectarin from a bone in the home

How to save seeds?

After drying, the seeds can be folded into a cardboard box and stored in a dry place until the middle of the winter.

In order for spring shoots to bedispense with stratification. For seeds, a moist environment is created for the future germination. For this purpose, a mixture of sand and sawdust is prepared, which is wetted with water. It should be three times more than the seeds. The contents are poured into a plastic bag and placed in a cool place.

Closer to the spring, the seeds burst and give sprouts, after which they should be planted in a certain place.

can grow nectarin from the stone

Outdoor care

In early spring you need to remove some of the covering material. This will protect the germinating seeds from the cold, but at the same time protect against drying.

As soon as the first small shoots appear, watering is carried out daily.

When the seedlings grow and take root, they should be fertilized with humus.

Young nectarines are too vulnerable to disease. Timely preventive measures will protect the tree from undesirable lesions. They are treated with such drugs as "Tiovit" and "Ridomil".

Is it possible to grow nectarin from a stone

Cultivation in a pot

It is possible to grow nectarine from a stone and inroom with a subsequent transplant into the ground. If it is carried out in the spring, stratified seeds are used for this purpose. In the autumn you can plant pre-soaked bones.

How to grow nectarine from a stone in a pot? The seed is deepened by 8 cm, moistens the soil and covered with a film.

It is necessary to carry out daily ventilation, slightly pushing the edge of the film. Molds should not be allowed to form.

The pot (tub) should be selected with the presence of lower holes to drain excess moisture. It must be deep, as the family of peaches is allowed to have long roots.

The room in which there is a pot of nectarine should be light and well ventilated. With a short light day, it makes sense to use artificial lighting.

When the young sprout grows and gets stronger, it can be carried out on the street.

It is best to begin the process of growing a seedling of nectarine in a pot in the summer. In autumn, a young overgrown tree is either brought into the room or transplanted into the garden.

how to grow nectarine from a stone in a pot

Transplanting the finished seedlings in a tub

Summer months are considered beneficial not only for the germination of the seed in the pot. There is a possibility that is approaching the time that the gardener is looking forward to. Namely - the final result.

How to grow a tree from the bone of a nectarine? To accelerate this process, you can plant a rather grown seedling in the pot. It is better if it is a seedling from a winter batch of seeds that has been quenched.

To a young tree quickly picked up the pace, you need to use the soil purchased in specialized stores.

A tub of nectarine should be placed in a well-lit place.

Pots with a plant can be put into the cellar for winter time, and closer to spring, move to the greenhouse. Being in the basement, at the end of February the branches of nectarine throw out the kidneys.

Some truck farmers plant a young tree from the tub in the garden. Over the autumn it will have time to acclimatize and for the next season will become more branchy and tall.

how to grow a nectarine tree

Seeds in boxes

This method consists in the natural stratification of seeds, which is produced in late autumn.

The place for disembarkation will be boxes with the presence of drainage holes. They should be filled with river sand and sawdust.

The prepared containers are completely digged into the ground and seeds are sown in them. Top with any covering material.

In the spring the boxes are pulled out of the ground and put on a sunny place.

Immediately after the shoots, the future seedlings already need irrigation and fertilizers.

Helpful Tips

Nectarines are responsive to stable top dressing. If they are carried out at intervals of 10 days, this will have a positive effect on the growth and future fruit bearing of the plant. It is necessary to alternate mineral fertilizing with organic fertilizers.

It is important to remember that nectarine is a southern plant and it is in no case to be deprived of such conditions. Heat and light must accompany it throughout the entire period of its development.

Nectarine likes sandy loam and loamy soil. Although its cultivation implies the introduction of fertilizers, it is better to prepare fertile soil immediately. In heavy soil, coarse sand, plant organics and peat are applied.

You should know that the first fruits of an exotic tree, grown from a bone, will not be of full quality. Only after 2-3 years the plant will begin to bear fruit well.

Close to the nectarine trees, peaches should not be planted. This neighborhood will contribute to plant diseases. This family is prone to fungal lesions.

It is undesirable that under the trees for a long time there were fallen fruit and other vegetable waste. This can attract various pests.

To select the bones, late-ripening varieties are best.


As can be seen from the information presented above, forMany gardeners have already exhausted the question of how to grow nectarine from a bone. Undoubtedly, it is much easier to buy seedlings of a plant. But why not try to grow a garden of nectarines with your own hands ?! To all you can add that the fruits, which are being discussed, are not allergenic and have transportable qualities.

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