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Secrets of gardening: a raspberry transplant in the fall

raspberry planting in autumn

Many start-up dacha owners have a question aboutwhether to replace raspberries. And most importantly, when is it necessary to do? There are many opinions, but the majority of summer residents nevertheless insist that the best option is a raspberry transplant in the fall. The best time is the second half of September. As a planting material, developed strong shoots are used. Before planting, they cut off the tip at 15-20 cm. The planted stems must be tied to the trellis.

Both spring and autumn raspberry transplants,must be accompanied by mulching. It is produced 3-4 days after the transfer of the plant to a new location. Mulched, as a rule, with peat or straw. This must be done in order to prevent the violent growth of weeds and at the same time to preserve the moisture necessary for the saplings that have not yet grown stronger. If the weather is hot in the street, then the plant must be watered additionally. If you carefully observe all these rules, raspberry shrubs will have time to get well before the onset of the first frost and give shoots of young shoots.

autumn raspberry change
Transplant raspberries in autumn can be carried out yetone way. After harvesting the main crop, all the old branches are cut off to the root. Only young shoots remain. All shoots are also removed. This is done so that it does not pull out all the useful substances and does not eat from the common roots. Then, young shoots are carefully transferred to the new site and neatly attached to the trellis. Further care will consist only in loosening, watering and applying fertilizer. But it is necessary to make sure that the soil does not accumulate a large amount of moisture. This can lead to disease of the plant.

It can also be argued that transplanting shrubsraspberry is inexpedient. It is better to take as a planting material young plants that have not yet yielded a crop. They adapt faster and take root. Do not forget about mulching. The planted raspberries get much quicker if their holes are topped with straw or peat. Saplings in the spring will give fresh foliage, and in the summer on the branches will appear tasty large berries.

transplanting raspberry bushes
Transplant raspberries in autumn is necessary tomaintain a high yield of the bush, preserve the taste and size of the berries themselves. It has long been noted that after several seasons the plant loses its former yield, the fruits are small. This can be explained by the fact that gradually all nutrients are selected from the soil and, in addition, all sorts of fungi appear - causative agents of diseases. It is best to grow raspberries in one place for no more than 4-5 years. After this, it is transferred to a new location. Before planting, the ground is well digged to reduce the number of weeds. Mineral and organic substances (ash, manure) are added to the prepared wells. Raspberry transplantation in autumn should be carried out to those places where potatoes, onions, or tomato beds grew up before. The seedlings are placed along the trench, the distance between the landing pits must be at least one meter. Further 10 kg are added to the soil (per one hole). humus, 80 gr. ash content and 40-50 gr. ammophos. This will provide the bushes with good nutrition for several years, which is enough to give an abundant harvest of a large sweet berry.

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