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Tomato Primadonna - the best vegetable for a cool summer

Modern breeding makes it possible to growVegetables and fruits in areas that are not entirely suitable for their cultivation. So, for example, for a short northern summer, a new hybrid called tomato Primadonna is perfect. This is an early hybrid. So, ripening of fruits is carried out through ninety-ninety-five days. Tomato variety The prima donna is perfectly used both for open ground and for film greenhouses.

Tomato Primadonna refers to the determinantplants. That is, it has a growth restriction (the height of this sort of tomato reaches one hundred and twenty-one hundred and thirty centimeters). As a rule, in determinate plants, fruits are located on the first four or five branches. The same variety has seven to eight brushes on which the fruits are evenly distributed. Color of the fruit of the variety Diva is intensely red. Fruits have a rounded shape, at the end a small spout is prominent. The consistency of the fruit is dense, the taste is excellent, with a slight sourness. The weight of each fruit is about one hundred and fifty-two hundred grams. Primadonna tomatoes are distinguished by an optimal combination of organic acids and sugars.

As a rule, the yield of this variety isabout sixteen to eighteen kilograms per square meter. This variety is very resistant to growing in zones of so-called risky farming. It does not have a green spot on the stem, as it happens in many other varieties. Tomato Primadonna has another very important property: it is genetically resistant to cracking. Also, thanks to this property, Primadonna tomatoes are resistant to damage that occurs in tomatoes during transportation. This property makes these tomatoes transportable, that is, they can actually be transported over long distances, of course, if the corresponding conditions of transportation are observed.

In order to grow seedlings of tomato varietiesPrimadonna, it is necessary to sow seeds to a depth of two to three centimeters. This should be done in late March - early April. Picks are performed after the appearance of one or two real leaves. Before planting seedlings in the open ground, it is necessary to carry out hardening. To do this, the grown tomato sprouts must be placed in a place where the temperature does not rise above fifteen or sixteen degrees. This procedure takes place seven to ten days before disembarkation. But gradually the temperature should rise to dvadachti-twenty-two degrees. The procedure of landing is carried out when they are sure that the threat of frosts is completely over. The age of the seedlings can be fifty-five to seventy days. A sign that the seedling is ready for planting in the open ground is the presence of six or seven real leaves, as well as at least one ready-to-flowering brush. In order to obtain the highest yield, it is necessary to plant no more than three to five plants per square meter. And in order for the harvest to be early, it is necessary to form the plant in one stem, tie it to any vertical support.

Leaving a tomato variety Diva does not require muchthorough. The only thing that you need to water it with warm water, and during the growing season - to feed special complex fertilizers. Naturally, weeding should be carried out from weeds and loosening as necessary. Also, as the tomato grows, arrange vertical supports for it.

Tomato Primadonna is a stable hybrid. By creating it, breeders took care that such diseases as alternaria, fusariosis and TMV were not terrible for him. In the event that an early harvest was obtained, this variety can also yield a good additional crop.

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