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Three-color violet

Violet tri-color is widely used in the treatmentsuch diseases as cough, hernia, scrofula, toothache, etc. In the people this amazing plant is called differently: funny eyes, brothers, pansies, tri-flower, earth flower. As a medicinal raw material, a violet grass is used.

Violet tri-color is an annual plant,which in height reaches 25 centimeters. At the base of each leaf there are large stipules. It blooms, beginning in May and all summer, and the flowers are both blue and yellow, purple. Violet tri-color in natural conditions is common in gardens, dry meadows and fields.

Collect the grass during the flowering period of the plant and spend drying it in the shade. With faster drying of raw materials, it retains more useful substances.

The active substances that make up the healing flower are vitamin C, flavonoids, saponins, mucus, salicylic acid, bitterness, tannins, etc.

Violets: Reproduction

This plant is propagated either leafcuttings, or side rosettes. The most simple and affordable way is the first one. The leaf must be taken only from an adult and healthy plant from the second or third order. From the center of the rosette leaves do not take, because there they are still very young. The sheet chosen for propagation must have a bright color, and the length of the petiole is about 3 centimeters. The sheet is placed in water, and it is better that each cut should have its own dishes.

Three-color violet: use and application

Medicinal properties of this plantare explained by the fact that it contains inulin, violet, saponin and other glycosides, which have a curative effect. Therefore, the use of violets is effective in treating a variety of skin conditions such as thrush and eczema, especially in young children. The plant is used in the treatment of catarrh of the respiratory tract when accompanied by high fever and dry cough.

If the child has skin diseases, then hegive tea from violets, and also add it to various dishes. For adults, a good effect is having a reception for two months twice a day for a cup of violet tea. On the affected areas, you can apply bandages moistened with the decoction of this beautiful and useful plant. Many argue that such bandages significantly relieve the condition with rheumatism.

To make tea from a violet three-color, it is necessary2 spoons of raw material pour a glass of hot water and insist on the order of 10 minutes. You can also use the plant during the preparation of combined teas, for example, together with a linden. Such a drink warms well with hypothermia.

Healing is a drink made of 15grams of herbs and chicory root, 10 grams of violets, 10 grams of buckthorn bark and 5 grams of elderberry and fennel flowers. Such tea helps in the purification of blood. Take a teaspoon of this mixture of herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. After the drink is consumed for 15 minutes, it is ready for use. Take this drug twice a day on a cup.

The use of violets in homeopathy

The flower "violet" is used in the manufacturesuch as Viola tricoloris. This medicine is usually prescribed in the presence of eczema, both dry and wetting, skin rashes, itching and thrush near the vagina. Also not bad this tool has proved itself and at treatment of rheumatism, the raised sweating at teenagers.

Possible side effects

It should be noted that violet tea is goodnot all people endure. With prolonged use of such tea, allergic reactions to the skin may appear, but they pass after the reception of this drink stops.

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