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Heaters for water for cottages - these days is not so much a rarity

As soon as the summer season comes, manyurban residents tend to move closer to nature - at the cottage. Silence, fresh air, vegetables, grown by own hands and torn straight from the garden ... The inevitable price for all these pleasures is the lack of familiar comfort. If earlier it was believed that hot water supply in the country is an element of luxury, now this is no surprise. So, how to get rid of the inconvenience and what kind of heaters for water to give?

The simplest ways to create comfort

The easiest way to organize hot water supply in the country is to build a summer shower. In the central strip of Russia for every 1 m2 for one hour falls about 750-1000 Wsolar energy, and therefore the main task is to use it correctly. It should be noted that the usual coloring of the tank in black - the tool is not effective enough, because after the process of energy absorption, according to the laws of physics, its radiation occurs. Therefore, it is best to place the barrel in a kind of box, and the side facing the sun should be transparent (from glass or polyethylene film). The shady side should be covered with a heat insulator (foamed polyurethane foam, glass wool, etc.).

The simplest water heaters for cottages canbe made in the form of a solar collector. For this, two nozzles are mounted to the tank (one as high as possible and the other one as low as possible). The manifold is attached to the manifolds (the simplest is a black hose spun into a spiral). Due to natural circulation, heating will occur much faster. Accordingly, the larger the collector size, the greater the heat transfer.

It is also possible to build water heaters fordacha, using energy released during the decomposition of small debris, grass, straw, sawdust, etc. These are so-called catalytic heaters. In addition, such an aggregate produces the most valuable organic fertilizer - compost.

Another way - heater on wood. It is performed in the form of an ordinary Russian samovar. For its work, literally a couple of logs - and you can take a hot shower or wash dishes.

Electric water heaters

water heaters, electric
Of course, the most convenient and cheapest way of obtaininghot water - gas column. Unfortunately, gas at the dacha is still a rarity, but electricity has become quite common, and therefore it is a sin not to use oneself for good.

Electric water heaters for cottagesare divided into two types - flow and storage. Advantage of flow heaters is their compactness, however high power remains a serious obstacle for their use in country conditions, since it requires a separate wiring and an additional machine on the meter. Heaters working on a cumulative type, for cottages are more acceptable. Relatively small capacity does not give such a heavy load on the electrical network, and a tank with a volume of 50-100 liters is enough to make staying at the dacha quite comfortable. The disadvantage of this device is that it needs a constant head of water, which is not always the case.

water heaters price

In this case, you can use a bulkwater heater - a sort of washstand from the children's fairy tale about Moidodyr, equipped with a TEN. The presence of the thermostat allows maintaining the set temperature. A drawback of the filling water heater is the low capacity of the tank. Of course, you can not take a shower, but please wash yourself or wash the dishes.

As a conclusion

When choosing the type of water heater, it is important whichThe source of energy will be used and where the water comes from. Heaters, the price of which is within reasonable limits, has long been an indispensable attribute of the modern summer resident, and not an exotic curiosity.

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